100 Days Til’ the Atlanta Tour De Cure

Have you noticed the colorful tour de cure banners on my posts and my pages.  These banners are more than pretty pictures, they are my flags to raise awareness for diabetes.  When I decided to get in shape and get healthy, my type 2 diabetes was out of control.  My life style was terrible and combined with my diabetes I was fast approaching an earlier grave.  That was then, now I have taken control of my health and I have learned how to live with and manage my diabetes.  Through frequent exercise and wise food choices I have been able to reset the clock on my lifespan due to diabetes.  It will always be a major concern and often affects numerous food and life style choices.

In a little more than 100 days I will be participating in the Tour De Cure, an event to raise awareness and money to fight diabetes.  The Tour De Cure is hosted by the American Diabetes Association in cities across the US. Last night we had our kick off and I am super excited to ride as a red rider, a participant of the event with diabetes, in my first cycling event.  Of course I am asking for donations and I believe this is a worth while cause as we all know someone effected by Diabetes.  So click on the link and make a tax free donation for as little or as much as you are able and willing.  It all goes to a great cause in the end.  Also, please pass this on to anyone and everyone and help me and the American Diabetes Association Tour De Cure be a huge success this year. 

Also, you can click on the image at the bottom of any post or the image in my sidebar to make a donation. Thank you. Til next time.

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