End of Week 10 and Counting

brickThis week has been truly an up and down week for me.  I started off really strong, but sagged bu the middle of the week.  Oddly we had a tornado touch down in north Atlanta in January.  This kept me from running on Wednesday but not from getting my swimming in.  Then on Friday I was still jobless and feeling a bit down and very lazy so I only got my run in.  Based on all the missed run efforts it would be easy to assume this week was terrible though.  Nope… I made up for the bad and got some really solid training in and I am now looking forward to the final 64 days of training leading to my first triathlon.

In some ways this week had numerous successes and a few failures.  Monday’s run was  a scheduled 5k time trial.  Turns out my body and mind fought and I just did not have the mileage in me that day.  Besides that set back I had some great pool sessions and an awesome pilates session.  Additionally I topped the week off with a major win  by doing my first  brick!

Week 10 Highlights: Brick Stlye

  • Close to 10 hours of solid training
  • Completed my first brick workout (details here)
  • 3 Solid pool sessions – heavily focusing on form and increasing speed through better form and reduced stroke count.
  • Completed my longest spin session, including an interval session to start it, close to 3 hours
  • My core is tightening up and I am getting further along in my Pilates exercises.  I can now do a 40 second plank and I am able to properly do several roll ups.
  • Getting closer to finding a job and hopefully I will have some good news regarding this in the days to come.

Week 10 By the Numbers:

Click for larger view.

Click for larger view.

Overall numbers wise this week ended up being pretty solid.  I would like to bump it up a bit next week, but that might be hampered by time required to get a job and by the fact that running wise I am returning to intervals for at least a week.  I will have to figure this out with next weeks goals.  Overall this week turned out really solid and was a great way to kick off this last month of base building.  I am now addicted to combined activity of a brick, but I will have to schedule them into my plan with a goal focus aimed at my first triathlon in April.  I still want to get faster running and swimming, but I will have to assess my monthly goals in relation to creating next weeks goals.  The brick workout boosted my confidence and salvaged a sagging week.  Next week needs to be basics and fundamentals focused, but that is for next weeks goals.  Til next time.



  1. Congrats on the brick workout and not a bad week either. A short few weeks left for us before we get to have some real fun!

    1. I can already feel the ramp up beginning! Here we go.

  2. It is snowing here again/still/seems like forever… Glad you are having some successes!

    1. Glad I only have to deal with GA cold!

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