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Monday’s run was supposed to be a 5k time trial in hopes of adjusting my interval base numbers.  Unfortunately I did not hydrate or eat properly and had to bail out early on this run.  Frequently as put foot to ground I found cramps and stomache soreness as well as several bouts of reflux. It was not a pleasant experience.  Traditionally I drink only two diet sodas a day and the rest is primarily water with some coffee (helps me sleep at night and stay focused through out the day).  But, recently as my schedule and moods have been a bit wonky I have been drinking way too much diet soda and not enough water.  As well, I have fallen back on unhealthy comfort food. Yesterday’s run proved why that combination is so stupid.  Beside frequent reflux attacks while running I finished with a giant headache and felt terrible.  The simple way to solve this of course is to drink tons of water and plan the meals better.

monrunnumOn a positive note, I noticed that for the 2 miles I did conclude my pacing was better and I was running faster than I had previously.  I want to try this run again on Wednesday to actually get the distance but to also finish the intended distance.  In my usual running path this run usually finishes at the bottom of a steep hill, I would like to eliminate that and retrace the running path I run for most of the run. This I feel will give me a better idea of my truer time for completion and will eliminate the added speed bonus I get from going down the steep hill.

Well, a run in the books.  That is pretty much all it was and I hope to make Wednesday’s run a better one… it just requires that I get back to the basics of hydrating and eating. Til next time.



  1. I’ve been knocking back the diet cokes too much too, and just read aspartamine makes you fat. So… no more DC breaks

    1. I like to have two a day, but with the lack of work right now I have allowed myself too much give. Need to get back to knocking back the water bottle and stick to two sodas a day!

  2. I’m a stress eater…and I’ll go strait for the junk calories if there are any in the house. I’ve virtually eliminated carbonated beverages (water, water, water), and am restricting wheat (gluten) to see if that helps with the stomach. You may want to try not eating any wheat/gluten for a week and see if it helps. I was never a believer in “food allergies” but I have to admit that restricting gluten seems to have made me feel better.

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