I Got Free Socks … And Other Stuff!!!

images (1)Last November Training Peaks, one of the online tracking and analysis software I use, was calling for submissions for their ambassador program.  As this software is one of primary tracking tools for my blood sugar, blood pressure and almost all my workouts, I figured I would enter.   Knowing that I was the most unlikely candidate I filled out the forms anyways and submitted them. What really did I have to loose, the worst they could have said would be to say no.  Of course that is what they said.

But that is not the end of the story. It turns out they had so many submissions that they expanded the number of ambassadors and anybody who was not chosen would get a free pair of socks and a month of premium training peaks for free.  Oddly enough I was more interested in the offer of socks.  Now some people who read my blog might wonder why I was so excited by a pair of socks, so let me explain.

Growing up athletic socks always came in giant jumbo sized packages of cotton crew socks, often including 10-20 pairs for under ten bucks a pack.  These socks were basic all purpose cotton socks, nothing fancy.  Sweating in these socks meant your feet were drenched after a good workout.  As I said these socks were the bottom of the technology totem pole and budget minded parents and adults love them.

My new pair of athletic socks from Training Peaks and Save our Soles.

My new pair of athletic socks from Training Peaks and Save our Soles.

Enter the new modern face of socks… the high tech performance sock. Unlike the budget minded cotton crew sock, these modern foot clad marvels have the power to remove sweat, cushion the foot in all the major places and even provide some compression support, massaging your feet while you partake in you favorite activity.  These modern day sock are truly marvels of the modern world often overlooked by those outside of athletics.  Of course with these features come a cost.  Rarely these socks come bundled and on average they eat up twelve to fifteen bucks a pair.  Realize I said a pair, they do not come in bulk packages and you have to pay for each pair.  While a jumbo pack of cotton clad simpletons cost ten to twenty bucks giving you more than a weeks worth of socks these performance wonders can cost over seventy bucks for an entire weeks worth of wear.  Of course on rare occasions a deal can be found, but its not common.

I got extra stuff too!!!!

I got extra stuff too!!!!

This was why I was excited when they informed those of us that applied and were rejected still got a free pair of socks, I knew they would be one of these fabricated unnatural wonders of the athletic industry.  As December flew past and January began to wind down, I had given up hope of ever getting my free pair.  But then to my surprise a package showed up in the mail and low and behold, my socks as well as a few other items came in the mail.  It was actually a very cool package of little things: socks, stinger waffle, Training Peaks stickers, Pactimo coupon and a Skratch packet of sports drink mixture.  It was way more than I was expecting and I further love training peaks even more.  Its really the little things that can make a customer experience.  Of course the socks are super nice and I will gladly wear them and definitely show my support and use of Training Peaks software by wearing them in public with all the other special athletically clad athletic people.  A pretty cool treat and I for one love the new socks. Til next time.



  1. Awesome, I didn’t apply to that even though I had that form open for weeks back then. Some great stuff you got there. TP has been awesome for me. It is a good part of my daily push to get going. That email that’s there in my inbox with my training goals for the day.

    1. I assume the goals are part of the paid version? I currently use the free version and mix and match different things to get what I need out of them. Triathlons are already costing me a pretty penny. This is how I track everything: https://chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/my-planning-tools/

      1. Yeah, I use the paid version. It was a little costly, but you do get a discount with your USAT renewal. I can plan out my training up to a year in advance. I track all my workouts in TP, and put all my races in there. For my food and weight I use SparkPeople. I have over 5 years of food entry and metrics on Sparkpeople with a few lapses here and there.

        If you got that 1 free month of Training Peaks, I would put in every workout you can pre plan into it.
        The morning email is an awesome reminder of what you have to do for the day. It really has helped me.
        My TP looks a little more colorful than the ones you have screenshots of.

  2. Very nice! Glad you got hooked up!

  3. Those are some sweet socks. I’m a HUGE fan of stinger waffles on the bike. They are sooooo good. Really like the strawberry. Looks like you are doing well in your training as well. Keep it up!

  4. I received a pair of techno athletic socks (not TPs) for Christmas. I save them for my long runs and yes, they are nice. Everything else still gets done in 10 pair to the pack cotton socks, tho.
    Good goin’ Chatter…

  5. It’s amazing how expensive something like socks can be.

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