10 Weeks and Counting Weekly Goals

images (3)In the hub bub of assessing last weeks goals, last phase’s goals and setting this phases goals I nearly forgot to post my weekly goals for the first phase of this training cycle.  Guess its better late than never.  I set these internally, but I prefer to get them posted so that way I am accountable.  This week will be pretty simple with getting the kick off week of the new phase going right with a strong set of basic workouts.

I am certain this will be the last four week phase I will dedicate to volume building as the next phase will lead into peak performance and race preparation. So anything I want to get tuned up I need to do it now.  So its time to roll up the shirt sleeves, throw on the spandex/Lycra/Polyester quick dri and tight to the flesh clothing and get to work.

10 Weeks and Counting Weekly Goals : Hopefully I will be employed soon style

  • Keep the hours picture simple and shoot for around 8-10 hours of training. This is actually a good week to really force a larger amount of hours.
  • Running wise, I want to continue working on the intervals.  My first run for the week was supposed to be a 5k distance,but I ate and hydrated poorly and had to quit early due to cramps and a headache as well as acid reflux.  I might spend this week just doing three basic simple running sessions at 5k distance or more and return to the interval training next week.  I need to feel this one out.
  • Swimming – I need to keep focus on drills and form and work on the basics.  I need to try to add this work into my pyramid and ladder sets each workout.
  • Bikd/Spin- I would like to get 2-3 good solid sessions in this week each targeting different heart rate zones.
  • Pilates/Strength – I will get my weekly Pilates session in and I want to get one strength session in this week. I did not do any strength last week during my recovery week so I will have to work to incorporate this into the schedule.
  • Need to eat better and hydrate more.  My run yesterday was terrible because of improper pre-hydration and poor food choices.
  • Find a job.  I am actually getting closer on this one and one company I am looking at told the recruiter ‘they are trying to figure out where they would want to use me’. Not sure what that really means, but I think its positive. Of course that was the company I worked for five years ago and I still have a small group of people followers/ex coworkers that love me there.

That is pretty much it, a basic set of goals for the week that should not be hard as I am currently unemployed and the only job I have is training for my triathlon(s) and finding another job.  The exercise really helps relieve much of the stress associated with job searching.  It always feels so good getting back to the workout schedule after a recovery week. The muscles and the mind feel rested and energized and are amped up and ready to go.  So this week starts the new training phase and things should go well as I have stuck to basic volume workouts without anything new.  This is essential right now as its the last month of this kind of training before all hell breaks loose and I start race specific training.  It also helps the fact that without a job currently my schedule is up in the air and all over the place.  Here is to a good first week of phase 5. Til next time.




  1. Great job! I hate when I don’t properly fuel for a run, its something I am working on hard this year is improving my nutrition. I find that in Tri’s I need to eat almost until I feel ill on the bike just because of the effort of eating and pedaling.
    Good work on getting 7 – 8 hours of training in a week, I am doing between 6 – 7, but will bring that up to be mine inline with what you do next month.
    What sort of races are you training up for this season?

  2. My first triathlon is in April on the 7th, the rest of my season can be found here: https://chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com/2012/12/28/2013-a-look-ahead/ and if you are interested in some of the progress I have had so far,on my current training schedule starting in October can be found here https://chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/end-of-base-4-phase-review/
    Thanks for the comment, I am usually better about the nutrition, but with the stress of finding a job I just went stupid. Won’t make that mistake again. Nutrition is a very hard part to figure out.

  3. […] 10 Weeks and Counting Weekly Goals (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] 10 Weeks and Counting Weekly Goals (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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