Base 5 Phase Goals: 4 More Weeks of Awesome!

The sun will come out tomorrow.

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Last phase proved pretty interesting, as I found my schedule challenged due to sudden unemployment.  While I am working on rejoining the employed, I figure enough whining about that… it’s time to throw on some polyester and spandex and get to work.  As of today I have ten weeks til my first triathlon, which means there is time to continue to work on the fundamentals and get some things in order.  This will be my first triathlon, but what has proved successful so far has been treating this event with unrelenting seriousness.  Creating a training schedule and figuring out my training strategy and devoting time to specific workout focuses.  Every work out is thought out and planned.  That strategy has moved me to where I am today, facing a big major challenge and feeling good and confident in my ability to perform in an endurance race, such as a triathlon.

I pointed out that in the last phase I decided to add another base or volume building phase instead of an increased intensity phase.  I believe for this next four week period I am going to focus on the same goal.  I want to increase my volume and my capabilities.   So this phase I plan to continue to tweak what worked in the last phase and push it a little further.


Like last phase, I want to get my 5k time down as much as possible.  Last test I was running a 5k at 44:35 minutes at a pace of 14:09 minute/mile.  I need to retest this and see where my pacing is currently after running three weeks of interval training.  I want to be anywhere closer to 40 minutes or less by the time I do my first triathlon.  Another month of hard intervals with little distance or endurance training is basically the plan for this phase.  I will add some distance in again next phase as I get closer to the final phases leading up to the race itself.


Not sure what the weather will be like in February as Georgia can be quite random.  If anything I want to continue to push long zone specific spin training mixed with a weekly interval session.  If the weather permits I would like to get out on the road and get some time in the actual saddle.


While I have proved to my self that I can swim over a mile and I could swim in the ocean, I feel I need to focus allot on drills and making sure my form does not deteriorate.  While I want to keep a focus on intervals and different types of intervals, I need to seriously focus on drills and stroke work more in this phase.  Maybe do some short 25’s focusing on form for warm up, removing the longer 400 and 500 meter warm up sets.  I am also tempted to start practicing with more of a focus on the 400 meter distance since its the distance of my first triathlon swim.  I plan to also continue working on my other strokes and maybe even figuring out the butterfly.

Pilates and Strength

I plan to continue incorporation these into my weekly schedule.  Pilates has proved tremendously successful in strengthening my hips and lower back and has even helped my running form and my length in the pool.  I plan to continue to add it at least once a week.  Strength training wise, I will continue with the simple basic no frills workout I have been working on.


Currently there are several of us Triathlete bloggers that are all gearing up for beginning of April triathlons on wordpress.  There have been numerous discussions on brick work and the pros and cons of doing them and when they should be added.  A brick is basically putting two workouts together.  The most popular of which is biking for a few miles then getting off the bike and immediately running a couple of miles.  Other brick workouts include swimming and biking and sometimes even running then biking.  I am still toying with where and when to throw these into my schedule.  As I want another month of focused training on increasing my overall performance, I think I am going to wait on these till the recovery week or the following phase.  The running intervals I perform currently prove very taxing on the legs, and combined with the long spin sessions, I do not think I want to push things yet.  I might change my mind on this half way through the phase, but for now, I am leaving bricks for the next phase.

Base 5 Goals

  • I want to strive for 30 hours this phase
  • Test my 5k run times at the beginning and ending
  • Test my 400 meter swim time and gauge my possible best time
  • Get 3 solid run interval sessions per week, 3 swims with heavy drill focus and 3 bike or spin sessions based on targeted heart rate.
  • Continue to slim down by eating right and eating for specificity
  • Find a job and return to a normal training/working schedule

keep-calm-and-triathlonI think the overall goal for this phase is just to focus on getting faster and stronger.  I want to run and swim faster and bike longer.  I think the plan I have outlined will get me as close as possible by the time I head into my final two training weeks then my peak and racing weeks.  As I near the end of this current phase, I will need to start focusing on what I want to achieve before getting to those final weeks before the event.  I have things planned out a bit, but need to modify it according to time available and where I am at physically.  Right now I feel confident and able, but having employment would make things better.  Since I am sure everyone is tired of reading about my unemployment I am putting it to bed as a theme here on the blog.  It is not fodder for excuses or for use as a crutch.  I have a commitment I will have to work around some of life’s banana peels.  This next 4 week period is going to be awesome!!!   Til next time.



  1. Keep up the work ! Sorry to here about the job loss. Oh, I deleted a comment you made to my last post… I think your “auto-correct” probably threw a word in that wasn’t intended, thought I’d save us both a little embarrassment. Take care.

    1. Thank you. I will repost the intended response. Its actually a tad bit funny.

  2. Sorry about your job loss but it sounds like you have plenty of prospects! While stressful, transitions can be an exciting time. I’m super impressed with your mental focus and endurance with your training. It’s very inspiring. Here’s to a great Base 5!

    1. Thanks, I can notwait to have a regular schedule again. That is truly the hardest part. Of course the great blogging community has been a great motivation

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