End of 11th Week: Recovery

images (1)Thank goodness last week was a recovery week, I surely needed it and this one came at just the right time.  One of the hardest things about truly training is that it exacts a strong mental and physical toll.  By the time I get to the third week of a four week sprint, I am pushing myself to get to the end of the week and into the recovery week.  Last week when I found I was no longer gainfully employed I was in the middle of a really tough week of training that was nearing the end of week three.  With that blow, I was mentally and physically wasted.  For this reason, while I planned a heftier recovery week, I basically did the minimum.  My goal became to get my head straight and to recharge for the final 70 day push to my first triathlon.  

I spent the recovery week doing not much.  I got a little bit of swimming, a few hours of spinning and a Pilates session in.  Otherwise I spent the time fretting over coding assignments that supposedly will tell the hiring manager if I am worthy enough to bring in for an in-person interview.  In my line of work, there is no shortage of jobs, but the hiring process is extremely long and arduous.  There are phone interviews followed by code assignments that clearly came from academic text books and not real life, for which in the real world you would never see assignments like these.  To be honest, the entire process is amazingly stressful and requires allot of external work.  I am sure in a few short weeks I will have employment again, its just surviving this crazy influx of daily calls from recruiters  and the hours of additional work external to the interviews will be challenging.  

Usually I post some numbers and highlights, but this week there are not many of either.  I have received numerous calls and the job process is starting.  This last week I was otherwise lazy about my workouts, evident by the sheer lack of workout hours… three total.  I am not worried heading into next week as next week starts a new phase and historically I have had success after a lazy recovery week. I know my goal for my workouts still exists in the April 7th deadline and I know there is work to be done to get faster and stronger by that deadline.  So another week of code assignments, recruiter and job calls and trying to get into a rhythm without a clear work schedule.  I am going to try to post more this week as it will be a new phase with new goals.  Will be interesting as I get nearer to my final goal of completing a triathlon.  Wish me luck, til next time.



  1. Hang in there, it will all work out. Good luck on the interviews and use the workouts as way to relieve some stress and keep a positive outlook forward to a new beginning!

    1. Thanks man. Still working through it, just a new wrinkle thrown in. I am certain it will all work out.

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