End of Week 12 Review

12Time to finish last week off and look at my progress. I meant to get this post up yesterday but it was football Sunday so I failed to get this done.  Better late than never.  Last week was the third week of my current four week cycle and was the last heavy work week before going into my recovery week.  Early in the week I had pushed it and by Wednesday I was poised to achieve a large volume goal of getting more than nine hours of training in, when on Wednesday it all came crashing down.  On Wednesday my company I was employed and myself parted ways.  I went for a run and felt better about things, but the stress of completing eight hours of really demanding training as well as three weeks of previous hard training finally caught up to me on Friday and I emotionally and physically shut down.  I did not want to run or swim or bike and I started the recovery week early.  I might have been able to push through it, but mentally and physically I was done for.  I posted few blog postings last week, but it was just one of those weeks where I just had to throw in the towel.

The good news exists that I still completed some of my goals and I finished strongly with eight solid hours of training.  I only completed two runs and swims but I feel they were solid good quality workouts.  As I look for new employment I am not worried as there are tons of opportunities available, its just a matter of getting myself into good habits and practices that allow me to manage my time efficiently.  Allot of this  training relies on things being set.  So there will be some new challenges heading into recovery week.

12 Weeks To Go Highlights

  • 2 Interval run sessions with a greater intensity than last week.
  • 8 Hours total training
  • 3 hours on a spin bike in specified heart rate zones.
  • 2 Really solid swim sessions

The Numbers




I have included comparisons for all three weeks completed so far (click on images for larger images and to see more detail).  The last two runs are the only ones for this completed week. I ran both interval sets a little faster to adjust for how easy they were in the previous week.   The week started out really strong, but faded at the end. I need to spend the recovery week doing some testing and some recharging as the next phase will be the final base phase before I start my race preparation   Til next time.



  1. Dude, you are kicking butt! Sorry about the job situation. Hopefully all of this is happening for a reason and you’ll be better off when the dust clears. Really excited to see your progress! Keep on keepin.

    1. Oddly the hardest thing to deal with regarding the job situation is reforming habits. While I am searching I do not have to punch a clock so I am sleeping longer and while its recovery week, I am not getting anything done regarding my workouts. I really have to keep on my toes right now to stay on target.

  2. Change is extremely difficult no matter what kind. I’ve found that keeping active has helped me. Tough times right now with a job change for you…stay focused and positive.

  3. Surely all the new habits you have picked up can only help you with the job search. You are more organised and focused and that will be seen as a benefit by a potential employer.

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