End of Week 13 Goals: Another week of Awesome!

images (2)Another solid week down and the time is ticking by faster every week.  This week I strived to put in a solid week of volume and over all I think I succeeded.  My two biggest goals heading into this week involved increasing my volume and getting more focused heart rate zone training on the indoor spin bike.  I managed to do both of these successfully finishing the week off with nine hours of solid quality training and getting two spin session, each over an hour.  As well, I changed up my run in an attempt to improve my running speed, for which the weeks workouts were challenging but doable.  

I think the biggest achievement this week was the heart rate zone training on the spin bike and the interval run training.  With the spinning exercises I feel I am building leg endurance as I found I could only stay in the edge of zone three heart rate for very short periods of time and I had to perform the base of my sessions in zone two.  From what I have researched, being able to spin in zone three for long periods of time is key in developing cycling endurance and speed.  I am focusing on staying in the upper zone two range most of my workouts with half hour dips into zone three.  For me the biggest challenge is pure leg endurance. To get into zone three I have to increase resistance or pedal harder. The big goal is to hit a perfect balance.  But my legs die pretty quickly.  So I believe if I continue with this work I will have better leg endurance for cycling and running.  

13 Weeks To Go Highlights:

  • Completed 2 spin sessions with one at an hour and a half and the other just over an hour.  Some zone three but mostly zone two.
  • Three solid swim workouts. Still working on breast stroke and butterfly.  Getting stronger with the backstroke.  Total meterage was not as high as I would have preferred.
  • Completed first week of run interval program.  
  • Weight started dropping again getting down to 298 – curious to see if it goes back up or continue dropping.
  • Completed nine hours of training.

13 Weeks to Go By the Numbers:


The run numbers for the week have been modified to remove the rest intervals from the workout numbers as I wanted to focus on pace I was trying to reach and the average pace I actually achieved.  The intervals are denoted for the number of intervals ran and are broken into: 2×15 minutes, 20×1 minutes and  5×5 minutes. Often the pace was higher than what I was striving for, but this is one of the difficulties of doing intervals outdoors.  Overall it was a really good week running as I was able to complete the  prescribed run interval set, even with a faster pace.  

finalnumbers2The highlights are fewer this week, but it was just another volume week.  I hit most of my goals for this week and I eagerly am waiting for my recovery week after next week as I am beginning to feel worn down. One more week to go in this training cycle and then a lighter week and more time with the wife.  Still heading towards my triathlon and counting down the weeks and striving to be as ready as possible. I am feeling stronger everyday.  Til next time.


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  2. […] End of Week 13 Goals: Another week of Awesome! (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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