12 Weeks To Go: Heading to Triathlon

imagesAs of today I am 83 days away from participating in my first triathlon.  Over the last several months I have worked hard to condition myself and prepare myself for this event.  As I had little fitness when I started this has been a long and sometimes arduous journey.  Since October I have worked to go beyond base fitness and I have been striving to become better and more able to handle the stresses involved with a triathlon. I understand I am only doing a sprint distance triathlon, but I believe you train to the best of your ability for everything you attempt.  For me, right now, this is my Ironman, this is my 1000 foot wall I have to climb. Physically I have never attempted anything at this level of difficulty.  Yes, its not 140.06 or 70.03, but it feels like it to me, and I take that mindset into my training.  This and every race I plan to this year is a big deal regardless of distances.  I will go out and tackle each and everyone of them as if it is the most important race of my life.  And my training will reflect this commitment.

So my goals for this week are pretty basic.  Ge through this week and get to the recovery week.  My workout plans are pretty  much the same as last week and I am aiming for around the same number of training hours.  This week will feel like a success if I get a solid volume of work at the end.

Week 13 Goals: Falcons Going to NFC Championship Edition:

  • 9 hours of strong workouts
  • 3 Interval runs similar to last week
  • 3 spin sessions with one being an interval session
  • 3 swim sessions – 2 with at least 2000 meters and one with drills
  • Continue working on other strokes in the pool
  • Get through this week and into recovery week

Nothing super big this week, just a basic volume week.  The week before a recovery week is always a difficult week.  But it is a great week to push things a bit as the following week is a reduced work week.  This week should be a good one with some big workouts and numbers in the end.  Til next time.


  1. I like what you said about this being “your Ironman.” So true! Great way to put what you’re doing into perspective. Have a great week of training!

    1. Thank you, I will say your Cozumel experience has been a great motivation to my training. It is so awesome to realize what we can do physically and mentally in preparing for this crazy thing called triathlon..

  2. Well said. The sprints this year are definitely my Ironman as well and if anyone thinks differently its because they haven’t done a triathlon before. I’m shooting for ending the season with an olympic just to see how far I can push it.

    I saw the post that a few of us are starting on the same day so when I read 83 it definitely puts things into perspective. Its coming quick and I’m not sure about you but I’m excited to get at it.

    1. As this is my first I am now getting to the stage where I have started to truly process what ‘triathlon’ entails. Not just running and done, swimming and done or biking and done, but consecutive events tied together. Excited, but reality is trickling in.

  3. Those are some great goals Chatt…wow!! I’m looking forward to making mine more difficult…maybe in a couple of weeks. Stay strong.

  4. sanumaria · · Reply

    Great goals you have! I’m going to be my own Ironman in the summer, and do a sprint tri too. I’m just not going to go to a competition, just do it on my own… I’m too scared to go competing with people who actually know what they are doing 🙂

    I have a Liebster award for you at my blog! 🙂

    1. Awesome way to inspire yourself. Thank you for the Leibster!

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  6. […] 12 Weeks To Go: Heading to Triathlon (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  7. […] 12 Weeks To Go: Heading to Triathlon (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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