Monday’s Run and Delusions of Pizza

Entire run workout. Click for detailed site.

Entire run workout. Click for detailed site.

Besides freezing my butt off in the pool yesterday I began this weeks run program with some interval work.  As I have been stagnant in my running program and really have not progressed much since I started running the 5k distance I began to look around at potential help to progress this program further.  For now, I have decided to embark on a few weeks of prescribed intervals.  At the end of the this phase I will analyze their efficiency and adapt the program further.  For the next three weeks I am using my last 5k race time as the basis for establishing my pace numbers, this boils down to an average pace of 14:09.

The first day of intervals takes that race pace and adds 40 seconds to it. So the intervals are ran in 14:40 minutes per mile.  The interval set was fairly straight forward: 2 intervals at 15 minutes at 14:40 pace with a 10 minute rest interval in between.  One difficulty I often found is that I run outdoors and there are hills.  But I tried to keep my pace consistent even when climbing.  I noticed that one difficulty that I have is actually running at a set pace.  Frequently I would find myself going too fast or too slow.  I am unsure how much of this was my watch/gps versus my actual running because often, I  could tell when I was going too fast. One issue with looking at stats for the entire interval run is that averages appear skewed quite a bit, so I broke the run into smaller chunks.

First run segment. Click for larger image.

First run segment. Click for larger image.

The first fifteen minute segment’s average pace,15:19 was not too terrible and was fairly close to the 14:40 pace I was attempting.  This section had some hilliness associated with it including a pretty good climb towards the end of it.  Overall I felt pretty good on this segment and my legs were still getting warm.  It was a challenge trying to run at a constant pace for this duration as often I would find myself below 14 minutes, closer to 13.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

The rest interval I worked on light jogging and walking.  This interval usually brings my heart rate way down into the recovery zone almost instantly.  Overall not too bad, just a brisk walk.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

The third interval I think is a bit misleading as I had some GPS issues near my last quarter mile due to buildings.  My pace for the second fifteen minute interval set was a little slower at 15:47  minute per mile pace.  Besides the GPS issues I know my legs start to get tired as I run towards the second interval set and that might be a factor.  One factor that played a key in this run was that I did not eat well enough before hand and as a result my stomach was churning.  As I neared the final minutes of this run, my hunger started to play tricks with my mind and I swear I started to smell pizza and steak cooking.  It was surreal as this area never smells like any food except fast food.

A pretty good interval set with a bit of disturbing mind trickery in the end.  This was probably the first time I truly did not properly eat right before hand and I suffered a bit because of it. The next interval set involves very short intervals and should be extremely challenging.  So far pretty good progress and it has made my runs fun. I am glad my sense of smell and my brain were the only senses that got together, I really would have been worried if I started seeing things besides smelling them while running. Til next time.




  1. It’s so interesting how food plays a big part in fitness….what and when is huge!

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  4. […] Monday’s Run and Delusions of Pizza ( […]

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