Brrr… My Pool Is Freezing

brrFirst day of the week and I have already put in a full day of workouts.  Early this morning I got up and threw myself into the freezing pool water at the gym, later in the evening I got my fist interval set for the week completed.  Overall not a bad training day.  While it was a Monday and the beginning of a new week and Sunday was an off day, my body felt exhausted as I went to bed last night.  Of course some of that might have been due to the giant ice bath  my gym pool has become.

The gym I am a member of has had constant difficulty with the hot tub and pool over the past several months.  The last two months alone they have had difficulties with balancing chlorine levels, the hot tub has broken several times and the pool dehumidifier has broken.  The latest incident involved the pool heater going on the fritz.  For the past couple of days the pool has had a morning temperature hovering around 70.  I now know why the low 70’s in triathlon is wet suit legal, it is very cold.

Yesterday I was not to be deterred by subarctic pool temperatures so I hopped right in and got to work.  Initially it was difficult to put my body and then head into the water. Breathing felt a bit more labored and my shaved head felt all the pool’s icy water.  The smart thing to do would have been to put on a swim cap, but I just happened to forget it.  It took forever for my body to get acclimated and warmed up enough to not feel the effects of the water.  Everyone in the swimming area kept joking about swimming faster just to get done and get out of the crazy cold water.  I managed to swim a 400 in 8:50 minutes, which was a personal best so maybe there was some truth to the joking.

The only good to come from the pool’s temperature came later when I finished running, I had a nice ice bath ready for me.  Til next time.


  1. I prefer the pool water to be cold. I feel as if its not as germy that way. The cold kills the funk. LOL! 🙂

    1. It sounds good, but it was unbearable initially. The downer is that when they do fix it I will no longer have an easy ice bath.

      1. Yep, sometimes I go swim just to get a full body “ice bath”. It just easier that way. Enjoy! Hehehehe!

  2. All I could picture the entire time reading was those polar clubs where everyone takes turns jumping in the hole in the ice – LOL… There were a few days at the end of the summer where the outdoor pool was this cold and several of us actually did wear our full body wetsuites in the water.

    1. That is awesome. If I had one i would have been practicing swimming in it. That would have been hilarious.

  3. […] Brrr… My Pool Is Freezing ( […]

  4. Sounds lovely and chilled! Congrats on your PB 🙂

    1. Thank you, its the crazy thing about training, it seems to go steady for a while then you get a couple of breakthroughs and then back to steady. I think they will have the pool warm again for tomorrows swim.

  5. My gym pool is at 78, cool but 8 degrees makes a big difference! Great job on the 400!

    1. Yeah, while I currently strive for the 2 mile distance total, my first triathlon contains only a 400 meter(yet some sources say yards)swim. So for the next 89 days that is the metric I test for, my 400 meter time. Can’t wait til they fix that pool, boy its cold! One good thing is that most lanes are usually open.

      1. Are you also adding a few longer sets? Once in a while a 500 set will help. It will make the 400 seem shorter with the strength you are building. I am enjoying reading your progress!

      2. Oh yeah, that 400 was a quick time trial before doing my 2000 meter pyramid set, which turned into 1500 instead, I try to do one drill day, one 3000 day and 2000 day. Good suggestion.

  6. Time to utilize the gym’s suggestion box and wear a wet suit and a cap…maybe that would draw enough attention to make your point. Congrats on your personal accomplishment!!

    1. I love the imagery. Great idea. Unfortunately we already have too many triathletes who do this so it would not be off.

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