13 Weeks And Counting Goals: Marching Towards Triathlon

images (1)Only thirteen weeks remaining or 91 days at this point til I do my first triathlon.  Last week was a great week goals wise as I challenged myself and I met that challenges head on (post here).  My primary focus this week is to build on the base I set up for myself last week and to push it a little further. As April 7th, the date of my first triathlon, looms closer all my training and plans are becoming more real.  I can do the distance, but now I need to focus on improving what I can do and do it better. I have three months to get this put together and fine tuned.  

The premise and theme to this week is simple, do everything I did last week plus some.  Make this week just a bit more awesome and epic than last week and keep pushing my expectations.  

Week 13 Goals: Being Super Awesome Style

  • Last week I had right at 7 hours of training, I believe I should be able to get 9 hours this week.
  • 3 interval run sessions
  • 3 spin sessions, all a bit longer than the previous, so Monday should be an hour, Thursday an hour and a half and Saturday 2-3 hours.
  • Swimming – continue working on the breaststroke and backstroke as well as swimming sets, drills and feel in the water. Meters might be close to the same as last week as time does dictate what I can do, but if possible strive to push that just a little bit more with an extra set of laps.
  • Continue working on eating right and focusing on nutrition as a goal.  
  • Update menu items and calendar items on this site and write up and publish some stuff from my recent cruise a month or so back.

Pretty simple and straight forward goals this week.  Another getting back to basic week with simple goals and aspirations.  I always want every workout and week to have a focus and purpose and this week is simple, get back to basics and get all the pieces functioning correctly.  This goes a long way towards my next month of training and even the next few weeks of training. If I have a strong foundation going into the final months and weeks of my goal race, all will be awesome.  Til next time.



  1. I’m sure you have said some time in the past but, where are you doing your Tri and what distance will it be? Mine is the same day as yours in Galveston.

    1. It is in Athens Georgia and is a sprint distance race. I need to update my countdowns, just been a little busy. The sprint triathlon starts with a snaking pool start of 400 yard followed by a 12 mile bike loop and then a 5k run through the University.

  2. Training for something so huge seems so unreachable for me. Sigh. It’s a mental block !! You’re doing amazing Chatt…don’t ever stop!, stay strong.

    1. I’ve would say what you have done so far is pretty huge. You have inspired me to push through some hard days. We are both so awesome.

      1. Thanks! i did notice on our yearly stats we were each others highest poster. Ha ha. Support is so huge! You get it and it helps me bigtime!

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