End of Week 14 Goals Review

imagesI knew the beginning of this week would be difficult as New Years Eve and New Years day fell on Monday and Tuesday.  But when I setup my goals for the week I kept that in  mind and still pushed to challenge myself and get a  good training week in.  I strive to start my March towards triathlon strong, the next 14 weeks are not going to train themselves. I know at this point I can do the distances. I jut need to work further on the mechanics.  At this point its all about focus and staying injury free so I can get good solid training weeks in.

A midst all my goals, swimming has seen allot of improvement lately.  I have started to split my three sessions into an early long 3000+ meter swim intervals when my arms are fresh from the weekend, a drills and stroke work day usually a day after I do strength training and lastly a medium around 2000 meter set.  Recently  I have found my 100 meter time went down to as low as 2:02 from 2:24 average.  The cool thing is that my 100 meter time now averages closer to the 2:05 mark and no longer the upper end of my time.  At least once a week I try to work on stroke counts, often swimming 50 meters, counting strokes and then adding the stroke count and time together.   Then I strive to get a better score the next lap and keep progressing.  Also,  I have continued to work on my backstroke and have even begun working on the breast stroke.  It adds great variety to my workouts and its fun to have additional pool swim activities.

The biggest change to my regiment is the realization that Georgia in the 50s and below is too low of temperature for me to ride.  I discussed training with my spin instructor, he has been riding for years and often involves himself in multiday 100 mile each day rides, on how to train indoors to prepare for longer bike rides in the spring.  He said that I just have to come in and plan on spending a couple of hours on the spin bike in a heart rate zone similar to my riding once or twice a week. I tried my first sting yesterday and I found my legs hit their endurance breaking point around 130-140 bpm heart rate.  I could sustain this for an hour, but it was very uncomfortable on the leg muscles. As it was my first time trying this I only got in about an hour and a half before my phone died and all entertainment stopped.  There is a plug and this problem is solved.

Week 14 Highlights: Awesome Style 

  • Finished close to 7 hours of training, not bad for Monday being a swim only day and tuesday was an early day off.
  • Saturday spin  for hour and 15 minutes at 130-140 heart rate as well as weekly spin class
  • No pilates this week as they fall on Tuesday
  • Got in a good solid strength session
  • Added breast stroke to swimming regiment
  • Continued to work on Back stroke and freestyle form
  • 100 meter lap time reduced from 2:24 to 2:05 average
  • 2 strong run interval sessions. Removing the long run for a short bit and focusing on some interval work to help increase speed.

Week 14 By the Numbers



A pretty good week for missing a few days at the beginning.  After a pretty terrible December training month, this was an awesome way to ring in the new year and get things moving in the right direction for this current phase.  This might be the first week in a long while where I hit all my major goals for the week, either I am getting better at setting these goals or I made it too easy.  I will go with the first one as I know physically I completed everything I set out and as I take Sunday off to watch playoff football, my body needs a rest.  So far 2013 is going well! Til next time.




  1. That is a pretty good week of working out.

    1. Thank you. I was pretty pleased with the week.

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  3. […] End of Week 14 Goals Review (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] End of Week 14 Goals Review (chatterdoesfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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