Base 4 Goals: Marching Towards Triathlon

images (3)The new year starts the next four week training cycle for me.  If I had been athletic and conditioned to training previously I would have planned this month to focus on increasing intensity with a high volume.  But, I recognize that volume at this point and more so endurance need to be my primary focus heading into the periodization phase for this month.  While I feel I  have made great strides with my running and biking endurance, much remains to be done.  So the focus of this period is to erase the bad memory of December training and to focus on building and increasing my endurance capabilities.

When I started this back in May 2012 I would never have been able to ride on the technical or hilly steep roads I currently ride, or run.  While this is currently possible, I still feel my overall leg endurance is pretty week.  Steep hills, while doable, still pose  a great challenge for me.  Often I have to fight and grind my way up a steep elevation change and it never seems to get easier.  My legs in my opinion still tire too easily and early.  The solution to this noticeable leg fatigue is to work on pushing overall endurance training and expanding the length and duration of exercise on my legs, in both running and biking.

The last two months my running has grown a bit stagnant.  I need to refocus on this and start to progress my running forward in a positive direction again.  This might be mental, but I feel like I have eased off of  the running goals and have not been as focused on my running progress. I would still like to be faster when I perform my triathlon, but this will take some focused effort over the next months.

Base 4 Phase Goals: Back To Basic Style

  • In previous bases 1 and 2 I averaged around 30 hours of training for the month, I would like to shoot for a similar number in this phase.  
  • Running: 8-10 miles a week for each phase except recovery
  • Swimming: Continue working on backstroke and breaststroke and do a set of 3000 and 2000 meters as well as drills every week
  • Bike: focus on getting rides in when weather permits, otherwise focus heavily on endurance and drill work on the spin bike. If possible shoot for at least one 40 mile ride this phase.
  • Continue to improve the core with Pilates and strength training at least once a week
  • Nutrition – work to strengthen eating habits and make better choices more often
  • Run one long run of 5 miles.

Pretty basic this phase as I just really want to overcome December’s training obstacles   One thing I would have liked to add to the goals would be something big and scary and awesome, but as I get more fit this gets more difficult.  A long bike ride would fit that bill, but weather determines that.  A long swim might work but I can already swim 3000 meters and would rather work on form and speed.  The 5 mile run is the closest thing I could think of as being a big goal for this month.  The big goal really is the triathlon in 14 more weeks.  Any suggestions for a monthly big goal?  I guess getting back to the previous months success is a good goal and if I can pull off a good month of training that is more reminiscent of my first two phase periods then I guess I would  consider the month/phase a success.  Til next time.


  1. Hang in there and lets make January a great month to start off the new year. I’ve got my first triathlon in April so I’m not too far behind your season start. The great thing is, March and April are just around the corner.

  2. Exactly. It really helps to have a plan, nothing is left to chance. The sky is the limit. This is going to be a fun year. Set goals and live it up.

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