14 Weeks and Counting : Weekly Goals

images (1)Making my first post of 2013 a weekly goals post seems only fitting as this is what has carried me trough the last 34 weeks of training.  I started counting the number of weeks training when I committed to doing a triathlon in 2013.  Every week I have added another week as I have set my goals and pushed forward.  In October I began my formal race season periodization training program with a heavy focus on volume and endurance building activities.  The new year marks for me the start of the 4th Base phase of this schedule.  The prime focus is to hone in with laser precision on completing my first triathlon on April 7th.  As the new year and a new four week training phase has started its time to change the way I label my weekly goal setting posts.  Instead of counting up, from now on I am counting down to my first triathlon.  At the start of this year, I have 14 weeks to hit that milestone, so that is where I am starting this weeks goal post, at week 14.

images (4)For this first week of this base phase, New Years eve does throw a wrinkle into things as it eats up a bit of Monday and Tuesday.  Regardless I want to get this countdown to April started strong, so I might challenge myself a bit and see where  i end up.

Base 4 Phase Week 1 Goals: New Year Style

  • 6-7 Total hours of training.  Would like to get more, but Monday and Tuesday may prove challenging
  • 2 Good run workouts
  • If the weather holds, get a good solid 20-40 mile bike ride, otherwise get some good endurance spin bike work
  • 3 Swim workouts – 2000 to 3000 miles for two workouts with a drills and speed workout of about 1000 meters.  Continue to build endurance and start to work on mechanics.  
  • Continue working on backstroke and add breast stroke.
  • Focus on nutrition and get this reigned in.


  • Monday: Swimming (3000 meters)
  • Tuesday: New Years day recover
  • Wednesday: Drills and Speed swim/Interval Run
  • Thursday: Strength/Spin session
  • Friday: Long Run/ Medium swim (2000 meters)
  • Saturday: Bike Ride
  • Sunday: Double spin session

That is it for this week.  A pretty simple set of goals, the focus is to push things into a positive direction heading towards the big end goal and to erase some of  last months ickyness.   14 Weeks and counting.  It’s exciting to hear that number, but slightly daunting to realize that in 14 weeks I will be trying my first triathlon.  Very exciting times, lets make 2013 awesome, one set of goals and one week at a time! Tile next time.


  1. Hey I noticed your Tri was April 7th, are you doing the Galveston Tri by chance? That is the one I am doing.

    1. Nope, little too far for me. I live in Atlanta and I am doing the early bird triathlon in Athens Georgia. Don’t get me wrong, but as a kid I could not stand the way Galveston water felt, can’t imagine starting a triathlon in it!

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