2013 A Look Ahead

images (4)Yesterday’s post wrapped up the year that was 2012 for me, a pretty terrific year.  My training plan and goals though were aimed truly at next season in general, so there are some looming goals to meet.  I figured I would use this post to highlight my bigger goals and outline my racing season schedule as most 2013 races are scheduled and given dates. My primary goal when I started this was to complete a sprint triathlon.  As I blossom into an athlete and into the world of athletics that simple goal has expanded into a much larger series of goals.

My goals for 2013 as I mentioned continue from the base goal of completing a triathlon in 2013.  But, as I have gained new confidence in sport, I have added some more agressive goals to the list that I believe are truly acomplishable.

2013 Goals: New Year Style

  • Complete my first triathlon
  • Do a season of triathlons and properly train and prepare
  • Complete a century(100 mile) bike ride
  • Finish my triathlon season doing an international/Olympic distance triathlon
  • Do the Kennesaw 5k series (3-5 races for acknowledgement)
  • Run double digit miles
  • Swim 3 miles and be able to do all 4 strokes
  • Participate in a Ragnar/Dixie 200 or  Bourbon Chase event (Depending on getting on a team)
  • Get 5k time down close to 30 minutes
  • Continue loosing weight -280 pounds end of year
  • Get back and try a week long back packing trip
  • Continue to progressively get in better fitness
  • Turn 40 and be in the best shape of my life

images (14)Besides goals, when I started this back May 2012 I realized I had no fitness and I would need a base to build on.  From that point till October my focus was on developing a level of fitness that would allow me to perform long, hard endurance workouts, a base level of fitness that a normal person should have. At that time I began to look at a bigger picture than a single triathlon, as I needed to do multiple triathlons to justify any expenses incurred on this crazy adventure.  I ended up planning a season of triathlons and setting up a tentative schedule.  I broke my training into phases primarily focused on building an endurance base level of fitness, often referred to as volume building. In October I started the first four week  base period and at the end of this year I am wrapping up the third base phase.  The plan next calls for a couple of build or high intensity phases, or additional base phases can be added instead. I have decided to continue to build a solid foundation of volume and endurance for my first year.  This plan was originally started with an understanding that triathlon events that have occurred every year at the same time, rarely change and so it was established to meet the demand of the first triathlon being on March 7th.  This year that triathlon was moved to April 7th and another was moved up a week or two to the middle of March.  Well, it turns out a good friend of mine is getting married around that time, so my March date is now April.  No biggie, just moves things around a bit.    In creating this schedule my wife and I agreed that I would limit each month to one triathlon(  a matter of cost) and limited 5k events.I think this has worked out as it has kept me from being too eager and do to much.

2013 Proposed Race Schedule:


– Polar Bear Run 5k

New Years Day Lake plunge and 4 mile trail run


– Spring Forward Midnight 5k

– Friends Wedding


7th – Early Bird Triathlon *FIRST TRIATHLON* :400 Yard pool swim/12 mile bike/ 5k run

15th – Work Trip to Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland


18th – Tour De Cure: Century (100 mile) Ride for Diabetes (Donate now)


Allatoona Triathlon: 800 meter lake swim/18-19 mile bike/5k hilly run


Nothing planned, recoup month and get ready for second part of the season


18th – Tri To Beat Cancer Triathlon: 400 meter lake swim/14 mile bike with rolling hills/5k run


29th – Lake Lanier Triathlon: 400 meter lake swim/13 mile bike/5k run


13th- Amelia Mann Jacksonville International: 1.5k ocean swim/24 mile bike/10k


That’s pretty much the whole enchilada.  I left off several 5k races as the triathlons are the bigger focus.  The only uncertainty I have is dates selling out. Not sure how common this is, so I might have to register early.  Of course this will depend on budget and financial availability. I believe my goals and proposed schedule for next year are aggressive enough to be challenging but not too aggressive.  I think 2013 will be an amazing year.  Til next time.




  1. Looks like a great set of goals and events to look forward to. Its great to be able to think that not only can you finish one race but you can actually start to set time and improvement goals from race to race.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you very much. Tried to make them challenging but achievable.

  2. I’m not sure the turning 40 can be classified as a goal, more an inevitability (me too in 2013!). Good luck with the rest of ’em.

    1. LOL!! I was trying to stay positive about hitting that hurdle, did not realize the turning 40 part sounded more like the goal than the fitness goal. Thanks for the laugh.

      1. The way you’re going you won’t hit the hurdle, you’ll jump it with ease!

      2. One day at a time. I have surprised myself a bit this year. Initially it was all about next year and my first triathlon, then all of a sudden I realized I had changed and that I had done some amazing things in 2012 before getting to 2013. Here is to great things in 2013.

  3. How exciting Chatter!!! I love your schedule. I have decided to go a bit harder next year too in my training schedule although I am going to try to fit in a tough mudder event in August eeek! May 2013 be a tri-ing .lol. year for us both filled with success and awesomeness.

  4. What an amazing year you have planned. 2012 has been really good for you and I really think 2013 will be even better for you now that you are SO much more healthy and stronger. Congrats Chatt…the sky is the limit for you in 2013. Looking forward to watching your next chapters. Stay strong my friend.

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  6. Great plan, and I like that you’re going to end the year on a high with a longer distance Tri. I’ve yet to do one of those. Enjoy your lake plunge tomorrow!

    1. I ended up canceling that as it is cold and rainy and I am getting over a cold. Bummer.

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