I am merging two posts into one this week. Usually I post a summary and a next week goal post on Sunday and Monday, but with the holidays and taking ill, I am just now getting back on my feet and catching up.  I still do not like not having goals, so I am going to post them after a quick summary of last weeks results.  This week is a recovery week, of course, with the way December is going, the entire month has been recovery.  But, I push on

My favorite present from my wife this Christmas. ( In triathlon a clydsdale is a class group for people over 220 pounds)

My favorite present from my wife this Christmas. ( In triathlon a clydsdale is a class group for people over 220 pounds)

Last week things were going well, I had worked up a solid 5 hours of work in all departments.  On Tuesday, I started a new interval set in my running that was challenging and promising.  I was continuing with my swim program and had a solid drill and pyramid workouts as well as good progress continuing with my backstroke work.  Everything was going great.  Then the season caught up with me.  On Wednesday I went for an easy run as my legs were a little tired from the previous days interval run.  I went out running and immediately could tell something was not right. My energy level was gone and easily depleted. I finished the run, walking most of the two miles which I usually could run without a problem.  I could tell something was wrong, everything felt off.  By the end of the day, into Thursday, I was in full blown cold/flu mode.  That is how I finished last week and the start of this week.  Sunday was gorgeous and would have been a great day for a bike ride, but nope, the cold held me back.  So I took Christmas off and used the time to get over my cold/flu.

Since this is a recovery week, my goals are very simple and super easy… recover and get over my illness.   I might try to get a spin, swim and run in  and maybe even a ride in this weekend.  I would just like to get something going heading into the next phase starting next week.

Highlights of Week 32:

  • 4:54:49 total workout time

  • I got in 1 pilates class and 1 spin class

  • Worked in 1 solid interval run workout

  • Continued to improve on the backstroke and completed a good pyramid set.  Completed the swim week with 2800 meters over two sessions.

Week 33 Goals: Sick Style

  • Continue to get well and healthy

  • Get 1 run 

  • Possibly squeeze in a bike ride depending on weather

  • Work on backstroke and get a ladder set and some drill work in the pool

  • Figure out the next phase.  The schedule calls for a build phase, but based on this month, will make the next two phase build or volume phases(the plan calls for 3 minimum base and up to 6 total base phases.  Base phases are simply volume and building endurance phases.  The next phase is the build phase which is supposed to focus on increased intensity.  I think I am going to opt these out of the plan and focus on building base endurance leading up to my first triathlon.

That’s pretty much last week and the rest of this week.  Now that Christmas is done, I am eager to get over my illness and focus on getting solid workout months in.  December has been really difficult with injury and illness. The positive note is that I have not deterred my focus on my goals. I am still lazer focused!  Til next time.


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