Week 32 Goals: Base 3 Phase Week 3

images (1)I usually get this done on Monday, but things have been busy with work.  The last couple of weeks have been challenging and disappointing after getting such a strong start in my base 1 and  2 phases, but injury and vacation can do that.  Now that the knee is feeling better I need to seriously get to work and put in a solid week before all the Christmas time madness starts.  So, the knee is back in shape and I have some shiny new shoes to break in and my first triathlon is fast approaching, now just months away. It’s time to get to work and leave it all on the table.  This week I will attempt to return to the basics and get some solid training in.

Week 32 Goals: Jingle Jangle Style

  • 9+ Hours of training – a solid commitment in hours.
  • 2 Spin workouts in and possibly 1 bike ride
  • 1 Strength and 1 Pilates session
  • 3 solid run workouts – at least 1 long and 1 interval
  • 3 swim workouts – 1 technical with drills and continued work on backstroke,1 ladders or pyramids roughly 2000 meters and 1 endurance swim with a 2000 meter set followed by 5 to 10 100s.
  • Work on eating properly and focus on proper nutrition

That is it for the week.   If I get all this completed, it will truly be a solid week of work and provide me with satisfaction as I go into holiday week.  Things will be thrown off with a Saturday NFL game instead of Sunday, but it might give me an opportunity to bike in an area that I do not usually ride.  A day later than I usually like it, but I am glad it is done and over with now so I can put my head down and get to work.  Swimming has been strong the last couple of weeks, I now hope I can do the same with my bike and run workouts.  Running wise I have been feeling stagnant, but this might just be due to the fact I have not been as disciplined getting my 3 scheduled runs every week.  I want to get to 5 miles by the end of January. Pretty aggressive, maybe not doable, but its something to strive for.  This weeks plan should be fun and doable as its an easy plan based on previous successes.  Til next week.


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