End of Week 31 Base Phase 3 Week 2

images (1)In my training plan, I should have been done with my second week of this phase and I should be pulling off solid 9 hours of training per week.  The reality is different though, due to injury I have been sidelined. Of course I turned my focus to swimming and upper body workouts.  The primary focus of this week though was to really push my swim workouts and to get my legs healed and ready for running.   So, another week completed without a numbers section.

On Wednesday I bought a new pair of shoes though and on Thursday I took them out for a spin.  My legs were tight and felt like lead.  But the knee pain was not present and overall it felt good to be back to running. I like the shoes so far and I can not wait to get a full week of running on them.  A second week with reduced activity due to injury recovery.  It looks like I will be back to full steam next week as my knee injury is feeling better.

Highlights: Lame Knee Style

  • Ran 2 miles and knee felt fine, also did 20 minutes of light spinning and things felt good.

  • Completed 3:47 worth of workouts

  • Bumped swim workouts to 2000 meters continuously!!!

  • Started learning the backstroke

That’s it for the week, not much really.   A very low number of training hours.  I did swim further than last week and I did get a new pair of shoes.  The knee injury is feeling better and I should be up to full speed next week.  Til next time.



  1. Congratulations on upping your swim! Keep up all the great work.

  2. 2,000 yards, nice!

  3. that’s a lot of hours per week and a LONG swim. wow! I keep saying I need to work out more… I’m saying it again now.

    1. When I am not injured I usually get 9-11 hours per week. This week I had free time which felt a little funny! I did get to remind myself of what the wife looked like.

    2. Please don’t try to match hours, do what is comfortable or just at the edge of your comfort zine and us right for you. Of course you know that and often inspire me and remind me of this.

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