Don’t Step on My Blue Suede Shoes!

My old shoes. Notice the slant on the heels.  I put roughly 300-400 miles on these shoes.

My old shoes. Notice the slant on the heels. I put roughly 300-400 miles on these shoes.

As I posted yesterday I realized it was time to get new shoes.  The funny thing, looking at my old pair of shoes, growing up, these shoes would have still had more wear and tear to go.  They actually still look in pretty good shape, with the exception of the heels being at an angle.  In combination with the number of miles I have placed in them and a new tightness in my hips and slight twinge from the knee when running I decided it was time to get some new running shoes.

When I bought my first pair of running shoes back in May, I spent forever at the store.  There was an arch test and a gait analysis and several fitting tests with different shoes, it went on for hours.  In the end I went home with a pair of Asics gt 2170’s, from what I understand a shoe that helps overcome pronation issues and had a hefty amount of support built in.  I had no clue what I wanted out of a shoe, let alone how really to run. I am sure when I was running in the store for that pair of shoes I was heel striking heavily and I know those short bursts made me out of breath and my legs tired, pathetic, but I was a different  person then.


Pop them in the oven, step on them and viola, custom fit!

Another change I made to my running besides form stemmed from replacing my insoles with SOLE insoles. These insoles are heated and then shaped to your foot.  While backpacking I found using these insoles greatly reduced shoe and foot related issues in the knees, hips and glutes.  Shortly after starting my running program I had bursitis in my knees and instantly put these into my shoes (Oddly, that issue led me to water walking witch led me to swimming and deciding a 5k was not enough, eventually leading me to decide to do a triathlon).  They made all of the difference in the world and I will not run without them.

My new shoes: Brooks Ghost 5.

My new shoes: Brooks Ghost 5.

Last night, my birthday night, I strolled into my local running store, this time with insoles and running socks in hand to buy a new pair of shoes.  Unlike last time I was going to get fitted for my new shoes with the new insoles as they tended to add some dimension to the inside of the shoe and affected my running stride as well.  The analysis portion went faster this time because they knew the shoes I bought before. Supposedly certain shoes are sold to people and are indicative of foot strikes and issues.  Based on my previous shoe and the information I gave the lady about how I now was more of a mid foot striker the lady brought out a couple of shoes, a pair of Brooks Ghost 5, Asics Cumulus(I think, cannot remember now) and I think a pair of Nikes and another pair of Brooks.  Each pair I replaced the insoles and took them for a spin where the associate could watch as I strided or ran.  Because the insole I had was a bit thicker than what came with the shoe, the sales lady grabbed some shoes that were a bit wider than my previous shoe. In the end it came down to the Brooks and the Asics shoes  Out of those shoes they both were neutral shoes and felt lighter than my last shoes.  The brooks felt better in the end and that is what I went with.  Also, they were  a little lighter than the Asics, even though both pairs were lighter than my previous shoes, but the ankle support and firmness I like much better.  As I mentioned I went with the Brooks Ghost 5 in the end.

So, I have new shoes and now I need to take them for a jaunt to see how they feel on the road. I know, slowly break the in. I am just eager to see how these feel with some miles. Compared to my previous shoes these feel stiffer around the ankle and much lighter.  In the store I felt like I was flying on air, I could immediately notice a weight difference on my feet.  I can’t say too much more about how they felt as all I ran in them so far was a couple of back and forths so the sales associated could see how my foot landed in the shoes. She thought this was the best choice as my foot landed perfectly in the shoe. She also told me it was good I brought my insoles in as they affect the way the shoe functions.  So, off to try the new shoes tonight and to see how they perform. Can’t wait to start breaking them in, just have to be careful of not re injuring my knee.  Til next time.



  1. Be careful! Shoes are tough. Once I find one I love, I stick with it. Good luck!

    1. I hear yah. My ASICS were ok to start with. But as I got to running and I started to focus on midfoot strike instead of heel, they began to feel heavier and awkward. Nothing too terrible, livable. Recently I started to notice some discomfort in my knees and hips and realized I had put over 400 miles on them and that is what prompted me to visit the store. I was never in love with my last pair, so I am still looking. If I do find a pair I am in love with, maybe I could then go online and find the next ones cheaper.

      1. I’m tall and just a bigger person. So I can’t get as many miles on my shoes as others. Some types wear faster than others too. I’m usually close to max around 300 miles. Not fun but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Good luck!

  2. The Ghost 5’s are so comfy!! Good buy.

  3. I was looking at my shoes the last couple days too. Not sure If I am ready for a new pair or not, but have seen several 25% off deals on Newton’s lately and thought of grabbing a pair. My birthday is Sunday.

    1. I heard from some other triathletes at the Crowie book signing last week that Newtons were hit or miss, some loved them, some hated them. When a shoe is going bad you can often feel it first as the middle breaks down before the heals get worn down. For me, knees and hips started to feel different when running and were more sore than they used to be

  4. Nice shoes,I bought some Brooks the last time and had never really heard much about them before, now I see them everywhere and they have been great so far. I’m putting a new pair of shoes on my birthday wishlist, too many miles on the old girls.

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