R.I.P. Running Shoes And Injury Update


The outer wear is noticable on both shoes.

When I first started the couch to 5k program I realized that I needed a serious pair of running shoes.  Locally there is a company that almost everyone I have talked to recommends for running shoes.  They do an analysis of your foot and how you run and then fit you for shoes based on the analysis.  My first pair of running shoes were Asics GT 2170’s.  Me and this pair of shoes went through allot together, including my first 5k a couple of months ago and several hundred mile of running.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I was feeling a little twinge in my knees that had not been there previously.  I immediately checked my shoes and noticed that my supination and usage had worn the shoes down.   I knew it was time for a new pair and that this pair’s life as my running shoes was over.  After 300-400 miles and a couple of months it was time to buy new shoes.

From my research online I have seen it is common for runners to trade out their trainers every so many months and 100s of miles.  So today on my birthday I am going to go to the store and get myself a new pair of running shoes.  I am curious to see if I go with full support shoes like my previous pair,  or something  with less support. When I got fitted for this pair I had not even started running yet and probably was  a heel striker.  Now I run on the mid of my foot and practice really hard to keep my strides short.  This might change the type of shoe I need, we will see.  I might stick with Asics as I get 10% off from a few of my race bibs, that is a little bit of help. I can not wait to see what I end up with.  I do know I want something bright and maybe orange this time!

In good new, I decided to try 20 minutes of spin yesterday to see how my jumper’s knee injury was progressing and if I can put some stress on it again.  I went for 20 minutes of steady easy spinnning and felt a little stiffness and a hint of soreness, but nothing terrible. Actually the knee felt fine afterwards  and this morning, so I think another spin session and maybe a run will be in order for the end of the week.  The next spin session might be a fool, regular pounding spin session or I might just do a low resistance spin for an hour to get a good feel for its healing.  That will be tomorrow as tonight is Mexican food and carrot cake(its my birthday, I can eat bad if I want to!).  Things are looking better for the second half of this week as the injury is pretty much good to go.  I am going to try my hand at skulling and the backstroke in swimming today as well as some basic form drills.  Should be a fun day of work, swim workouts, shoe buying and brief indulgence… oh and my favorite cake as well, carrot cake! Til next time.



  1. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear you are dealing with some knee pain, but it sounds like you’re taking care of it. Enjoy that carrot cake!!

    1. The knee pain I posted about earlier this week, was caused from over doing the weight on my leg extensions. Good thing is that it seems that its healing up and I should be back to running soon. Got to keep up with you. Grin

  2. Happy Birthday Chatter! Injuries suck. Baby your joints!

    1. Thanks, its healing and soon I will be putting miles on a new pair of trainers!

  3. Well Happy Birthday! I’ll be celebrating mine on Sunday the 16th ! It will be my first annual 49th Birthday, forever young….. right?

    1. Happy B-Day, early to you too. Looks like I am three years your junior.

  4. Post back on whether they recommend a different type of shoe as your training has progressed. Very interesting and good luck on the next run with new shoes and recovered knee…

  5. […] I posted yesterday I realized it was time to get new shoes.  The funny thing, looking at my old pair of shoes, […]

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