Week 31 Goals: Base 3 Phase Week 2

imagesEven while lame I need to set my goals for the week.  The knee is feeling better but I want to let it fully heal before assaulting it with more endurance work.  Err on the side of caution now so I only miss a week or two rather than my March triathlon.  The tendon is still a little tender so I am not going to add allot of pressure to it yet.  I plan later in the week on trying an hour of light spinning to see how it is progressing.  The goal is to get back to where I can bike and run next week and be back in full swing for the last two weeks of this phase of training and the last 2 months of regular training leading into my first triathlon. Its getting a little exciting to realize that soon will be the new year and then only two and a half months leading into my first triathlon.

In light of the injury and my plans to keep this week simple and to get healed up, I figure most of my focus and goals this week will be swimming and some light stretching and upper body workouts.

Week 31 Goals: Lame Knee Style

  • 3 Swim workouts each at least 1500 meters 
  • One swim workout do ladders with a total workout meterage at 2000 meters.
  • One swim work out do a set of 1500 meters followed by 5×100 meter sets  and 4×50 meter sets totaling 2200 meters.
  • Learn a new stroke – I want to try to learn to do backstroke (Anybody got suggestions?)
  • 2 Strength Sessions – Upper body and abs and stretching

That is basically the gist of the plan.  I am skipping Pilates this week as the wife is taking the car.  Also, I want to try and get some light spinning in towards the end of the week to start building up the bum leg muscle and to start rehabbing so I might be able to run and bike the next week. Wednesday is my Birthday so I will eat cake and enjoy it, I already got my birthday and Christmas present in the form of my bike Zero, so I am super happy. Hopefully next week will be back to normal, even though with the holiday it is difficult to get schedules to normalize this time of year.   Til next time.


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  1. The great thing is you’re still able to get some awesome swim workouts in. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much swimming helps keep the endurance you’ve built up for the bike and run… Keep at it and as you say, just don’t rush it or you’ll really be out of commission.

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