End of Week 30: Base 3 Phase Week 1

images (1)Last week was great in some aspect and terrible in others.  After being away for a week on vacation, I did not blog last week, as I was stuck catching up my work requirements.  I had a solid workout set planned for the week though. Monday started out great. Except missing my first run of the week, I carried over my successful ocean open water swim and completed a mile in the pool without stopping (details here).  I  followed that with an intense spin session. Then on Tuesday I had a great workout, except my quads felt a little funny while doing leg extensions.  Later I did pilates and all felt great.  Next morning I woke up and my left leg screamed with pain when I walked.  The pain was shooting up from right below my knee cap.  A little research later I found that the leg extensions had too much weight and that I had bruised or stressed the patellar tendon.  I could be wrong on this, but the tenderness right below the knee and all the signs indicated what I did wrong: too much weight and too many reps.  A stupid mistake that will now cost me two weeks of solid workouts.

Besides my current injury, I missed swimming on Friday as I decided to go to a Craig Alexander book signing and Q and A session. This was well worth it in the end, as he was super cool guy and I even got a photograph out of it (Here). Because of the injury I did not get any rides or runs in, so no numbers again this week.


  • 1 Spin session
  • 1 fateful strength session
  • 1 Pilates session
  • Swam 2 consecutive 1 mile lap sets, each without stopping (Anybody got any suggestions for workouts?)
  • Got to meet Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander

Not much as I am now trying to heal up my injury.  It is feeling better, but I will probably wait a week before pushing the running and biking. Just trying to stay positive. Til next time.


  1. Good luck. Hope your recovery is quick. The leg extension machine is really one of the least effective machines at the gym. I learned that the hard way after pushing myself a little too much. Stick with things like squats and you will be better off for it.

  2. Oh my, injuries simply suck !! Sorry, my mom would yell at me if she read that, but it’s the truth. My doc told me that with as much exercise as I’m doing and with the weight lifting that I should expect injuries from time to time… I told him that I don’t have time for that nonsense. lol
    My trainer is removing two of the squad machines from my weekly schedule that I do on my own. He hates the quad machines… he’s all about the free weights and now has me doing squats with kettle bells and some dead lift quats. I’m getting hurt less, so maybe he’s right. Hope you feel better soon. Don’t get down…it’s just a bump in the journey and one that you’ll soon be over. Stay strong.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I am staying positive and focusing on recovery as well as swimming.

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