Week 30 Goals: Base 3 Phase Started

images (2)Hard to believe I have survived through 30 weeks of struggle and training.  This week I will start the 3rd base phase outlined in the Triathlon Training Bible.  Base 3’s focus, like the previous 2 base phases purely relies on increasing muscular endurance.  Each base phase is supposed to witness an increase in workout hours through the progression.  The first two base phases I progressed the hours well and increased my workout times gradually.  The last phase ( summary and review up later) hour wise was not terrible, but not as good as I wanted. In light of my desire to try and up the intensity a little bit, I am going to focus on the basics this week: solid running, biking and swimming.  The plan will be to focus on getting all workouts in as planned and pushing the comfort limits a little bit.  The end goal will enable the following week’s workouts to build upon each other.  The hardest thing with a vacation is the disruption in schedule and getting back on pace and track with  the pre-vacation established routine.  But I am determined to get my but going again and get myself ready for next March and my first Triathlon.

Week 30 Goals: Get my but in gear style

  • Aim for 9 hours of training – minimum of 8 hours
  • Continue to aim for a complete mile  (1500 meters) continuous swimming via 3 sessions through out the week
  • Run at least 3 times this week, and on the long day run 4 miles – on short days including speed – push for minimum of 3 miles.
  • Get 2 spin sessions and 1 bike session
  • Complete at least 1 strength and 1 Pilates session
  • Enter calories and track food seriously
  • Loose gained weight and water weight from cruise
  • Post trip details including open water ocean swimming experience!


Monday: Swim/Spin

Tuesday: Run/Strength/Pilates

Wednesday: Run/Swim

Thursday: Strength/Spin

Friday: Long Run/Swim

Saturday: Long Bike 

Sunday: Watch Football

Pretty simple set of goals. As I mentioned earlier, this week establishes the following weeks of this phase so I need to treat it seriously and get myself going strong.  While I aim to push this phase for some serious numbers, I will continue to listen to my body and adjust as I feel is needed.  I should have a good week of working out as I had a good relaxing vacation and light workouts last week.  Time to get busy and get this next four week phase going.  Til next time.



  1. You’re kicking butt and taking names….whatever that really means. :). Keep it up Chatt…you’re meeting goals and will continue to grow stronger.

    1. Every week, goal setting has become a large key to my success. Of course, flexibility helps as well, because schedules never work out the way you want them to.

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