End of Week 29: Base 2 Phase Week 5

images (3)Back from vacation and I am trying to kick my but into gear, pushing forward with the training. Before looking forward I first need to review the highlights of my vacation/recovery week.  Through out this week I will post pictures and detail specifics of some of my snorkeling and ocean open water swimming exploits as well running on the ship’s track.  I did not finish as much run training as I wanted, but it was my vacation and I still got tons of swimming experiences.  So, week 29 will be a short and sweet highlights update with promises of more vacation/recovery details in later posts.  Wanted to get the wrap up of last week out of the way. Hope everyone enjoyed my replacement posts for last week.

Week 29 Highlights: Caribbean Style

  • Swam almost a mile in the ocean. I promise I will post details and video later. Very cool learning experience and it was awesome I was able to do this swim.  
  • 1 Run on ship track for 2 miles.  Vacation busyness detracted from other running opportunities
  • Grand Turk snorkeling provided an amazing experience and swimming with fins seemed to work out the legs pretty heavily.
  • Spent tons of time with the wife and took a ton of pictures and video!
  • Relaxed and got charged up for the last planned base periodization phase (might switch a build phase to a 4th base/endurance phase)
  • Completed 4 hours of recovery week workouts.

No numbers this week as the workouts were pretty statistically uninteresting.  I will post some of the details of the cruise and pictures once I get this weeks goals posted and a summary of my Base 2 phase numbers and summary.  Last week’s vacation provided a perfect distraction from the built up hum drum of work, training and life… its time to get back to work now and get geared up for my first triathlon 3 1/2 months away.  Til next time.


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  1. What a great experience. Swimming in the ocean would totally freak me out. Glad you had a,good time.

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