Base 2 Phase Review

I am a sweaty mess after the race.

Me after my 3rd race, Bartow Turkey Trot.


As I mentioned in a previous post, this phase was longer than my first base phase as I wanted to include my vacation week as my recovery week. In some ways I think my fear of pushing too hard on a longer 4 week and then recovery, compared to my normal 3 week and recovery, caused me to ease my workouts and workout efforts to keep burn out from occurring.  Regardless of the slight disappointing lack of increased hours, I have pushed things in this phase to amazing levels I never thought possible.  In a little over three months I will be trying my first triathlon, I am starting to believe that I can complete it and enjoy myself.

In some ways base 1 phase was a process of proving to myself  what I could possibly achieve if I continued with my training.  In comparison, my base 2 phase proved how far I could push myself and how far I had truly come as the result of my training. In this phase I pushed myself harder and stressed the levels of my endurance.  I added to my ability to swim, run and bike farther, to push myself up mountains and to run and bike through mental and physical blocks.  In swimming, I began to swim a mile worth of drills and have gotten closer to swimming a mile continuously, a feat I never would have dreamed of completing before I began this journey.  Biking wise, I have started to add miles to my legs and have fortified my mental fortitude when it comes to climbing steep hills. In running I have flattened out a little with increasing distance, but have continued to push myself and I even ran 3 miles including a very steep hill that had required walking before.  The biggest accomplishment involved stringing activities together, such as running a 5k with a PR then a couple hours later completing a grueling 20 mile hilly bike ride.

Elevation profile

Elevation profile

At the beginning of this phase I outlined my goals, the post can be found here.  While I am disappointed with my lack of total hour increase, I am very pleased with the level of effort and the quality of the workouts completed.

Base 2 Phase Highlights:


  • Strived to complete a 20 mile bike ride.  Finished this and then some.  
  • Continued to build fortitude on the bike
  • Started adding an additional spin session once a week
  • Fought to complete ride with technical difficulty


  • Wanted long run to reach 4.5 miles, but due to races I have just barely gotten myself to 4 miles.
  • First chip timed race I got 45:41, second one I beat that with 44:35 5k race time
  • Hours diminished a little and I did not finish 3 solid days of runs, need to push this a little in next phase.
  • Ran on the cruise ship during my vacation.
  • Completed a 5k race as the clock changed after midnight.


  • Started to work towards 1 mile continuous swimming, successfully increasing continuous distance weekly and total workout distance weekly.
  • Went from completing 250 meters without stopping to 1000 meters without stopping.
  • Swam almost a mile in the ocean while on vacation.


  • Completed Pilates and strength sessions without missing too many.
  • Worked on tweaking nutrition plan
  • Pushed endurance by doing multiple big events on same day, such as bike and run a race.

Weekly breakdown.


Phase comparisons.

As I mentioned I was not overly happy with the lack of hours I achieved in this phase, but the quality of work was really good and I had some definite milestones during this phase.  The primary goal during the base 1 and base 2 periodization phases advances the endurance capabilities and expands the base muscular endurance.  Starting with the first base phase leading into the second base phase I feel I  have made giant strides in my overall muscular endurance and fitness levels. Every week I am amazed by my current ability to perform specific fitness and endurance activities.  Base 3 Phase  continues to expand upon the work completed in the base 1 and base 2 phases and should prepare the body for higher intensity workouts in later phases.  Things are looking up and I just have to keep focusing on the upcoming goal phases with the larger picture goal kept in the cross hairs.  I hope phase 3 will be as good as this phase and I hope I can get the volume increase I am striving for. Til next time.



  1. Dude, I am pumped up by your progress. I had missed the part about swimming a mile, then doing it in the ocean. You are rolling, man. Keep up the good work… I know you will.

    1. Actually I had gotten 1000 meters of a mile continuously, with a mile for the entire workout. The ocean swim took allot of starting and stopping as it was a very different swim environment. I will post some video and stuff later in the week (my wife caught me swimming on video!!!!). Thanks for the encouragement. Getting stronger every day.

  2. Congratulations man, you’re doing great. Keep it up.

  3. The tracking you’ve done through these weeks is crazy organized. You are doing great Chatt…you encourage me to do more. Congrats!

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