Today’s Itenerary: Fun Day At Sea

By this point of our cruise, my wife and I are probably both beat and really tired.  There is a large possibility one of us or both of us are probably sun burnt by this point.  In cruise ship lingo, fun day at sea means they are in between places or heading home in one long line.  Cruise ships usually use this time to host pool games, pool parties and have bands play the pool area that all know all primarily reggae, namely Bob Marley‘s greatest hits.  For the wife and I this day is primarily taken up with sitting in the hot tub, strolling around the ship, maybe catching a show or a movie (this ship has a big screen on the deck outdoors, should be interesting to sit on the deck and watch a movie) and just hanging out on our balcony!  Basically, this is our last chance to unwind and enjoy our vacation before getting back to the reality of everyday.  

Even as I write this ahead of time, before I even get to the vacation, I am already saddened it is coming to a close.  On Sunday I will recap my week and see where my fitness goals ended up compared to my beginning of week expectations.  Also, next week is the first week of Base 3 phase of periodization so I will have to outline my plan for that and I need to recap the last 5 weeks of activity.  Next week will be a busy time on this site and hopefully I will have some island experiences with data to recap next week (from what I have heard GPS watches still work and record data in the Caribbean).  Check back Sunday and next week as I will be back posting live and not a week in advance. Til next time.


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  1. Ok, so I must be a total idiot or just read too fast. I just comprehended that you are posting a week ahead of your trip. *throwing head in the sand* Don’t stare..just walk away. 😉

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