Today’s Itenerary: Grand Turk

A power snorkel unit. You grab it with both hands and let it pull you along. Supposed to make deep diving while snorkeling a snap.

Several years ago the wife and I took a cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands where I tried snorkeling for the first time.  It was an extremely windy day and the sees were anything but calm.  Regardless, I loved snorkeling and have dreaming about going ever since.  Grand Turk, the largest island of the Turks and Caicos island chain, is another island I have never visited before, but it is known as a diver and snorkelers  haven.  Grand Turk island‘s coral reef system is supposed to be amazing, full of colorful fish and coral and very extensive.  Within a very short distance from the islands coastline exists a 700-900 foot drop, often referred to as the wall.  My wife and I in anticipation bought our own snorkel gear so we would be more comfortable and it would have a better fit. The wife is not as good of a swimmer so we have decided that we would do a cruise ship shore excursion that utilizes power guided snorkeling.  I love swimming, but I do not mind trying something new!  


So this is what I am really looking forward to experiencing.  Armed with my Fuji xp10 everything proof camera, I am ready to shoot some video and pictures of all the coral and sea life.  Supposedly a number of barracuda and a few smaller sharks like to swim around these waters so it should be really fun. Til next time.


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  1. That’s on my bucket list.. Good for you! Enjoy and I’m looking forward to the pictures.

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