Today’s Itenerary: Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay, also know as Little San Salvadore Island Bahamas is a privately owned island set up to serve as a select tourist destination for specific cruise ships.  I have cruised all over the Caribbean and have never been to this destination so I am a little bit excited to experience a new port of call.  This island is basically a resort island and its primarily an established beach day. I am excited to try out the running course they have set up as I have heard that its pretty well established and I am excited to try my hand at doing some ocean based open water swims.  The wife just wants to sit on the beach and enjoy a nice relaxing day, so we will meet some time in the middle.  She is just afraid my swimming exploits will lead to death or injury so I will have to be extremely careful.

Click for larger image.

 Should be a fun day of a little bit of everything.  Hopefully I will get both a run and a swim in, and maybe some relaxing beach time.  Til next time.


One comment

  1. You’re lucky! I’m jealous. ha ha ENJOY!! Hope the Mrs. gets to wear that new straw hat today. Get a good muscle burn today and enjoy those rays!

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