Today’s Itenerary: Bahamas

If you have never cruised before imagine being on a city sized ship, in my case a ship as long as three football fields, that has everything you could want or imagine.  The cruise provides entertainment, food, and all basic services with alcohol and soda being an additional cost, basically entertainment, hotel and meals are provided at one low compacted cost. Unlike a normal vacation, food is available 24 hours a day and often with numerous  options. Cruising and food is truly synonymous    Besides relaxing,eating,swimming and sunbathing onboard a ship, the ship has scheduled ports where you disembark and get to go exploring for a bit.  On this cruise my first port is the Bahamas.


I had been to this port before on a cruise I took before I met my wife. The main tourist attraction now is a giant all encompassing Vegas be damned hotel and theme park including an aquarium and tons of other attractions  that charges cruise passengers for tours or the use of their pools and beaches, Atlantis.  The last time I visited a long time ago Atlantis was just being built and I pretty much walked right in, used the pools, visited their aquarium and had a great day without paying a dime. Now,  the place costs exorbitant sums of money and is a big rip off and waste of a day.

So the wife and I have decided that today we would walk around Nassau and just look around.  This will be a pretty low pressure day and the only real thing we are going to see today is the Straw Market which is a giant haggle market where my wife really wants to buy a straw hat. Its adorable how she keeps mentioning that she is really excited and eager to buy herself a straw hat at the straw market!  I am eagerly looking forward to a nice relaxing day with the wife, she is looking forward to a straw hat.

A pretty simple and easy going day.  We will be at this port for a while so we will probably re-board the boat way before our time is up.  Maybe they will have some deals on a sports massage?  Til next time.



  1. I did one cruise to the bahamas years ago. Sooooo much fun. And I loved the Vegas bedamaned Atlantis Hotel but yes, super pricy and a major tourist trap. I also loved the market. We haggled our way into a lot of junky souveniers and fake purses. Being from Chicago, I know I can get that crap at a certain price here so it kinda gave me an unfair advantage with those ladies. Hehehehehe! Enjoy! Take a pic of your wife’s new hat!!!

  2. Well we must see a pic of her in the hat ! By all means get yourself a massage…you’ve earned it!

  3. Glad you’re having fun!

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