Week 29 Goals: Base 2 Week 5 Recovery

This weeks goals will be different as they will be arranged around my vacation schedule.  I added a 5th week to this plan just for the sake of having the two coincide.  The advantage of merging my vacation and my recovery week stems from the realization that I will be doing allot of nontraditional cross training activities this week, like snorkeling  and sightseeing.  My vacation will consist of a five day cruise to the Caribbean on-board the Carnival Destiny.  This will be the first time I go on vacation and still get some regular exercise in as I plan to do some running on the cruse ships track which is the highest point on the ship.  I have posts planned for everyday of this week so that will continue like normal.  A few activities that I am looking forward to trying including ocean open water swimming and snorkeling as well as possibly some island trail running on a port of call or two.  Overall I am looking forward to spending some quality time with the wife as well as get in some rest and relaxation before returning to the training grind.

Week 29 Goals: Bahama Style

  • Get 2 runs – at least one on the ship track
  • Open water swim in the ocean
  • Possibly some island running
  • Take tons of pictures
  • Snorkel in Grand Turk
  • Quality time with the wife

Schedule (On a cruise this is called an itinerary)

Monday – Depart Miami

Tuesday – Run/Bahamas

Wednesday – Run/Open Water Swimming /Relaxation Half Moon Cay

Thursday – Grand Turk and snorkeling

Friday – Run and day at sea (lots of swimming)

Saturday – Back home

Most of this week is a take it as it goes week.  I want to get a run or two in so my legs are ready for the start of the next phase of my training, but I am not going to stress too much. One interesting thing about this trip is that it is the first I will have taken since quitting nicotine and smoking, so for the first time, no pictures with me holding a cigarette!  Check back daily as I plan to still post.  Just know that I will be enjoying myself in the sun and surf this week and might not reply to comments.  Til next time.


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  1. Enjoy the Bahamas! I’ve never been on a cruise before…maybe next year for our 25th. Don’t miss the skeet shooting off the top of the ship! Not many calories burned, but OH so fun. Safe travels. Stay strong.

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