End of Week 28: Base 2 Phase Week 4

I have previously mentioned this would have been my recovery week, but with my vacation next week I figured I would try to squeeze in an extra full week of work.  My body did not quite agree and I felt sluggish and lethargic most of the week, I even started to feel like I was coming down with a cold.  All signs of too much work and need for recovery. As I stated at the beginning of this week, my focus aimed to watch how my body reacted and act accordingly.  This reduced my targeted hours for the week, but I feel I still had a solid week of training, it just was not as intense or extensive as I wanted.  I had a great pre-thanksgiving dinner bike ride, three solid swim sessions but felt like I felt short on the volume of running workouts at one.  The one run was a really good run, but I fell way short of my normal running volume, but the holiday week and additional week added to this phase made running difficult.

Week 28 In Review: Highlights

  • Ran 3.5 miles without stopping, including steep hill
  • 12 mile pre-thanksgiving bike ride
  • Swam 1000 meters without stopping and completed 1600 meters of swimming per session with reduced breaths.
  • Got 1 total body workout session in.
  • Ate moderate on Thanksgiving
  • Even missing workouts due to Anniversary and  Thanksgiving still got a solid 5 hours of high value workouts.

Week 28 By the Numbers:


A slightly disappointing week, I expected to achieve more.  Of course I thought fatigue of adding an additional week before doing a recovery week would effect my week, but I did not expect it to effect is so much. Also, I forgot to factor in my Anniversary to Mrs. Chatter as she gets a cruise next week, but still had a nice intimate evening on our anniversary night.  Even though I missed the mark a bit this week,  it still was a good week where my swimming endurance took another step towards completing a mile and my bike riding skill got some work.  Next week I will be away on my cruise, but I plan to still have some posts.  Next week is a recovery week (official and planned) and at the end will mark the beginning of the last base phase of this periodization schedule.  Look for the posts summarizing this last phase and my plans going forward when I return in a week. Til then, hope you enjoy some of the posts I have planned for this week. Til next time.

One comment

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.! Some weeks just feel sluggish….our bodies are very complex! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip.

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