Week 28 Goals: Base 2 Phase Week 4

This week is a rare 4th week added into the schedule before doing my recovery week. Usually I do three weeks of progressively harder and longer workouts followed by a recovery week.  This phase, I added a 4th week of working out before recovery so that I could do my active recovery while I am on my cruise next week.  This week will be additionally challenging with the introduction of Thanksgiving on Thursday, which will effect that days workouts.  I do have a little concern regarding food and diet, but I plan to get a good 20 or so mile bike ride in before the feast and I have gotten better about taking smaller servings of the bad stuff and larger servings of greens and good stuff. I am sure that 20 mile ride will have me hungry though.

Week 28 Goals: Turkey Day Style

  • Swim a total of 4800 meters with a continuous swim of 1000 meters 3 times during the week.
  • 2 Days of solid runs with a try for 3
  • 1 good spin session 
  • 1 weight session
  • get a good 20 mile of bike in before Thanksgiving dinner
  • Shoot for 7-8 hours of training all together.
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving and try to veer toward healthy choices. Do not get bogged down with bad choices, its only one day.
  • Finish writing posts for Vacation week ( Got some good entertaining stuff that I have put off for a while planned!!!)


Monday – Swim

Tuesday – Weights/Spin/Pilates

Wednesday – Run/Swim

Thursday – 20 mile bike ride/After dinner walk?

Friday – Long Run/Swim

I have not included a schedule in a while as usually my workouts have been the same. I should have gotten a recovery run in today, but Saturday’s 5k race followed by the 20 mile bike ride and Sunday’s walk up stadium ramps and stairs and downtown Atlanta was enough for me to realize this morning, swimming was the only thing that was going to happen, my legs felt good in some ways, but I was not sure about running  as there are small sore spots still.  That is the great thing about being fitter, recovery is much easier. My Saturday activity, in the past, would have me stiff and sore for weeks. Now, I feel a little bit of soreness, but I am decently recovered to where the soreness is minor.  But, I decided it was enough to warrant an extra day of rest, so I swam.

With Thanksgiving this week and my focus to extend my base 2 phase an extra week, I largely plan to listen to my body and let that guide how hard I push myself. I will not consider fewer hours a failure for this week as long as I feel the workouts I am able to complete are challenging and productive.  Also, I am trying to squeeze a pretty high volume of workouts into a slightly smaller span because I will be travelling on Saturday to Jacksonville and then onto Miami the following day where we will embark on our cruise.  This week will interesting and hopefully still productive.  Til next time.

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