End of Week 27: Base 2 Phase Week 3

It seems like weekends get so busy lately, with football and Saturday long bike rides.  I prefer to get this reflection out on Sundays but I guess Monday will have to suffice for now.  This last week was a really good week.  I ran a 5k and got a PR and then I finished the day with my first ever 20 mile bike ride.  I will have recaps of both of those up later in the week.  Besides those recaps I will get this weeks goals up later today.   Last week really was the first week I realized I could finish my planned triathlon (post here).  Of course, I do not want to just finish, I want to finish with confidence and strength, meaning there is still allot of work to complete to get to that point. It was just cool to realize that I could do it if I chose to.  I would probably be at the back of the race as the organizers pack up, but I could finish within 2 1/2 to 3 hours. As I mentioned, I have a plan though and I am sticking to that plan. The plan will get me to the start line and through to the finish line feeling strong and resilient.  My fitness was so low a triathlon would have been a serious and daunting undertaking. Now I am becoming muscular and strong athletic person. Now I have the physical and mental toughness to succeed.

On that note, I met some major goals this week, especially getting a PR in my race on Saturday and completing a 20 mile bike ride afterword.  Also, I have had success in my workouts and I feel I truly pushed it this week.  Usually this would be the last heavy week before going into my usual three weeks and out recovery week, but I want to feel good going into my cruise, so I have one more big week planned.  I will get more into that with my goals for this week when I post them later.  This week I felt much more enthused than I had last week and over all I really pushed my training. I missed my strength sessions and need to work to add at least one into the schedule for this week. I added another spin session and so far that is proving successful and well worth the effort.  So this week was a really good week and felt productive.

Week 27 In Review:Hightlights

  • PRed my 5k running race on Saturday.  Previous chip time was 45:41, Saturday I got 44:35.
  • After 5k race, I rode the farthest distance ever on my bike – 20 miles. 
  • Completed 2 tough spin sessions
  • Swam 600 meters without stopping for a total of 4500 meters, 1500 meters per session
  • 9 hours of overall training
  • Weight pretty much stayed the same

Week 27: By the numbers



This might be my best week overall. Not happy with missing a strength workout and I cut one of my run workouts really short, but I feel I used the time I had to great effect.  I can see the training and rest cycles are paying off and I see that my endurance is increasing and improving.  I could finish a triathlon now if I wanted to do one today, but I would rather stick to the plan and continue to build more endurance, strength and possibly speed.  A really good week and a great way to head into the Thanksgiving training week and eventually my cruise recovery week.  Check back later today for my post on this weeks goals and tomorrow for recaps of the race and my bike ride.  Hope your weeks went as well as mine.  Til next time.


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