Chatter’s Big Day Out

Earlier today I ran a 5k, setting a new PR.  Since the race was near a set of my favorite biking roads and one of my favorite biking parks,I figured I would go for a ride after my race. After a few hours of rest I was off. Finished up with a 20 mile fairly technical bike ride, pushing myself Past my previous
14 mile distance. Will post more about the ride later when I am not posting from my phone.
So first a 5k and PR and then I went my longest distance ride. I am going to sleep well tonight! Ouch legs are sore! Til next time.



  1. cheering for you over here! That’s awesome! I reached a new goal with my post work-out stretching (not as exciting as yours..but hey*shrugs*)

  2. Congrats on both and the work is definitely paying off. Keep it up and its very inspiring to see your continued progress and improvements.

  3. Great stuff, what was your 5k Time?

    1. My first chip time was 45:51, this last race was 44:35!

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