Make the Bad Man Stop

This week has been a busy week of training and preparing for my 5k race and post bike ride, as well as my cruise that is now just over a week and some away.  With everything going on external to training, I have to keep my focus on my first triathlon, now under four months away.  This week I started to focus more on getting some time on my indoor spin bike at  the gym and pushed myself through one grueling self inflicted spin workout earlier this week.  Thursday evenings are instructor led spin class, and this week my Pilates instructor was replacing my favorite instructor, and boy what a workout this proved to be. By the end of the class everyone was drenched in sweat and all my fellow participants were cursing me.

Usually, if the instructor cannot make a spin class I skip it and find something else to occupy my hour.  Finding out my pilates instructor provided the replacement, I was curious to try one of her spin sessions.  From the start of the class I knew the workout was going to be good, we were focusing on climbing hills and intervals.  She based the workouts in cycling and not only cardio so I was very pleased.  The workout was pushing and hard at times and I loved the amount of effort she dredged from my legs.  At one point we were doing speed intervals and we had completed 8-10 bursts of all out speed with medium to high resistance, the instructor asked if  everyone possibly had one more in them.  No one answered so I figured one sounded too easy, I suggested two.  She obliged.  Later again the instructor asked us about doing another set and I pushed it again. Every time she asked, I pushed.  No one else was answering and my legs were exhausted from running a couple of miles earlier, but I wanted a deeper burn, another level of pain and suffering, I wanted to leave that class with everything on the table and pushed every minute.  The rest of the class looked like they were ready to fall of their bikes after all the extra intervals and sets and finally some one decried ‘No More!’  By then we were at the end of the class and cool down.  It was an awesome workout, I felt the earlier run and spin session workout in every fiber of my leg muscles.  I had created a small pond around my spin bike… I was extremely pleased with my workout and pleased I helped to push everyone else to levels they did not know was possible.

Funny, sickening thing was the fact that after a minute of recovery I was bouncing off the walls. I felt like I could have gone for a run.  My legs might not have liked that, but my body felt like it was ready to spring into action.  Everyone else was dragging themselves out of the spin room and I was beaming. To work the sluggishness out of the legs I was walking around and chatting for a bit, when one of the women from the spin class walked past me, turned her head to stare me in the eyes and exclaimed  ‘F**K You!’  and walked away. I immediately just grinned.  It was a great workout and I knew later everyone of those people would appreciate the intensity.  I still grin now.  Til next time.



  1. Like everything about that post except your fellow spinners reaction… Sheesh!

    1. It truly did amaze me. I knew I was pushing the class, but no one else was participating so I figured why not try a little harder!!!

      1. Why go to class if not to challenge yourself! You figured it out~

      2. Crazy thing is that since I discovered I have taken their motto to heart: I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow! I guess it made the class crazy hard. I almost lost my stomach a couple of times.

  2. What a JOY SUCKER !! ha ha You should have said … You’re welcome!! but the grin was enough. 🙂 They won’t do another class now if they see you in it. Can you WALK today?

    1. Oh yeah, have done this for a couple of months now and have crazy recovery now. My legs were spent after, but about a minute later I was good to go for more. Little sore this morning, but nothing terrible. I lifted weights and swam this morning. Grin.

  3. I have a favorite spin instructor who happens to be an avid cyclist. That’s always a better experience for me in my opinion. Sounds like you did indeed leave it all on the table. The endorphin’s after a hard workout do tend to make you want to do something/anything. Its CRAZY! Great job!

  4. Excellent class. I’d be curious if you’d have ever thought just a few short months ago if you’d be the one that everyone was upset with for asking for more…

    1. Never!!!! I would be the one falling off the bike half way through trying to catch my breath, hoping that one day my heart would slow down.

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