Monday Run and Wednesday Minutia

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Hard to believe it is Wednesday already,this week is rolling right along.  After my recovery day on Sunday I got right back to work on Monday with a good swim and a solid recovery run.  Lately my runs have been feeling flat and sorta slow and Monday’s run was no exception.  But I have come to realize this is purely perceived, that the run data does not support the feeling.

As I reported last weeks run, I was feeling flat and uncharacteristically slow.  At the time it was possibly a side effect of running two races a week apart, shifting my runs from the morning to the afternoons and/or changing my run locations.  so I was eager to go back to my previous run locale and see how things felt.  While running I noticed I was getting a steady pace over all three of the miles, but I still managed to go a little too fast and wear my legs out early.  The biggest issue right now is that my ankles and calves feel tight and stiff.  I need to loosen them up a little bit more before doing my run.  I know I can run all three miles without walking, but lately I have gotten into a habit of giving myself walking breaks after a mile or so.  I need to push my next run to get mentally past the desire to walk.  I  know I can run solid for an hour, but I have developed a bad habit of giving in and walking when all I have to do is slow down a little bit and run through the mental desire.

When I put the run data into my training phase spreadsheet I realized that while I felt slow and sluggish, I was actually pretty average and my numbers were lining up with my other runs.  I am not sure why my perceived outcome felt so off when it actually was right on target with my other workouts. Actually my pace was more constant through out the miles.  I guess I had a week or two where I was having above average workouts that were slightly better than the average performance.  My perceived efforts are just not aligning with my expectation yet my workouts are solid.

Besides my run on Monday, I have also now completed two solid swim sessions and last night I really challenged myself.  I decided to do an hour of spin after my Pilates class and boy, by the time I was done last night, tired could not even describe it.  Of course, I decided to try a Sufferfest workout for spin session and boy, that was one tough hour!  Another run tomorrow and then onto another 5k and bike ride for the weekend. Should be fun. Til next time.




  1. Not sure if you’ve every tried one or not but I take a pre-workout drink every know and then. The one I like the best is a mix called “Body Rush” by Now it might just be the caffeine in it (I’m not a caffeine drinker at all) but it definitely changes my perceived effort, especially on the run. I don’t do this all the time but when I start to feel that little rut it really does help.

    Great start to the next phase.

    1. Might be worth a try. Actually Caffeine calms me down and helps me focus. I like to have a cup before going to bed at night.

  2. The week is flying by us! You’re workouts seem tough to me…granted I’m not training for a triathalon, but I could push myself harder and confuse my body at the same time. I’ve been back to a protein shake before a gym is helping with my stamina. Stay strong.

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