Week 27 Goals:Base 2 Phase Week 3

This phase is rolling right along, I am now heading into the third week of the second phase.  I really did not change allot from the first base phase, but upped some of the intensity of the workouts.  I am really trying to focus on building an endurance base and prepare myself for the rigors that is triathlon.  My schedule for next year is still up in the air largely due to some events that have moved around from previous years and some personal events.  Hate my schedule not being set, one thing is for certain, by the middle of March or beginning of April, I will be at the starting line of a triathlon.  Of course that means there is work to do and its time to roll those sleeves up further.  

Week 27 Goals:

  • Continue logging my calories and work to drop a pound by the end of the week
  • Get 3 solid running days.
  • Catch up on busy weekend of blogging and reading other blogs
  • Publish weekend bike trip results
  • Beat 45:41 at race this Saturday
  • Try to ride bike after race on Saturday
  • 1 Pilates and 2 Strength Session
  • 2 Spin sessions, one spin class and the other free form (anybody have good cycling based spin workout suggestions?)
  • Swim 4500 meters total for the week with 600 meters at one time.
  • Get in about 9+ hours of solid training
  • Take blood sugar readings more consistently
  • Document feeling every day to measure its effect on training

A pretty busy week planned topped off with another 5k.  This one should be smaller as it is in a more rural local and appears to be less hub-bub surrounding it.  I feel much better now that I have wrapped up last weeks training and I have gotten my goals figured out for this week.  This will probably be a busy week on this blog as I have some good articles planned and I will have my usual training write ups.  I also will post a recap of my weekend bike ride with my brother and details on how he tried to kill me on a murderous 1.1 mile 2.8% average grade steep bloody hill.  I am still married to Training Peaks, but I am starting to explore Strava for some of the cycling and running social and elevation comparison types of data, so I will be writing that up and posting it shortly.   As I said, it is going to be a busy week of posting as I have tons of stuff to talk about this week.  Check back often.  Til next time.



  1. My spinning routine – Go hard till I can feel my heart thumping against my ribs. Slow down for a couple of minutes to recover… Repeat until I feel queasy, then two more repeats with four or five minute recovery sections. Five – ten minute cool down. Should take 35-40 minutes. Keep it up man.

    1. Might have to give that a try, sounds close to a tabata interval type of training.

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