End of Week 26: Base 2 Phase Week 2

Working to get things caught up a little and that means end of the week analysis for last week and new goals for this week.  This weekend was chaotic as I had an early Thanksgiving with my family and went for a tortuous bike ride with my brother.  I will have that bike ride recap up either today or tomorrow, depending on total volume I decide to put out today and how busy I get with work.  So look for that.  

I have mentioned before that this phase will have 5 weeks because I want to do the recovery week aboard a cruise ship, which will be after four weeks of regular hour work in this phase.  I have not knocked out the first two weeks of the Base 2 phase and I have two weeks to go. I wanted to increase the hours to  around nine to ten for this last week, but felt sluggish and lethargic all week long.  Also, I had several conflicting commitments like doctors appointments come up.  So the hours were less than what I wanted.  Besides missing a run workout and a spin class and strength session, I feel I still had a solid week regardless of sluggishness.  

Week 26 In Review: Highlights

  • Upped my max continuous swim distance from 250 meters to 400 meters (This means I was able to swim 8 50 meter laps without stopping).
  • Hit an all time high in meters swam for the week
  • Long run was shorter than longest in the past, but course being ran is a little bit more difficult.
  • Total run miles were not bad for only two days.
  • Bike ride was under 20 miles but was on brutal hill with broken chain (details to come).
  • Another good Pilates week.
  • Tracked food and dropped from 300 to 298 pounds (Ate calories to match exertion and cause less than 1000 calorie deficit)

Week 26 By The Numbers

I am trying a new format with the chart that is similar to what I use for summarizing the periodization phase completion.  Its a breakaway from the spreadsheets I use to track my results and progress.  I am also playing with Strava as it looks like its elevation correction mixed with the data taken from my watch looks more accurate to what I experienced while riding.  Not a big deal in running as much but it does seem to matter more in biking.    I am trying to add some basic biking stats now as well and hope to have a better grasp on the stats I want to use.  Have not logged that many miles in yet, but it will probably start to get separated in the next update. Til next time.



  1. Hope you had a great early Thanksgiving celebration with your family. If you were able to have festivities such as that and drop below 300 pounds…I’d call that a HUGE success! You’ve planned out things great…especially your recovery week 13 days from now. That’s GREAT!

    1. Seriously training for a triathlon requires some major planning, especially when the body is not used to the work load. I have been below 300 before, but I went back up in weight but not inches. Go figure. Thanks for the compliment. One more family Thanksgiving to go, but that one is 5 minutes from a road bike path I like to go on!!!

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