Wednesday Run Recap

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Trying to keep this week from being a total wash has been difficult so far. I have been feeling unmotivated and very tired all week, not sure what is going on.  I need to kick my but and try to finish the week off strong.  Of course I am running out of days.  I did not do too much yesterday as my wife needed the car to go to her mothers last evening, as well I was feeling very unmotivated and did not fight her taking the car too hard.

Wednesdays run was difficult to say the least.  My legs felt like lead and even though I was trying to slow my pace, I might as well have crawled.  I started out aiming at a pace around 15 minute mile and all was going well. I stretched my legs and loosened my muscles. I got a good solid warm up before starting.  But once I started running, I realized right away that it was going to be an off run.  The legs never felt good even though the heart rate and lungs were fine.  I ended up running an easy 3 miles that was way slower than my last several 3 mile runs, two of the miles I was not trying to go slow, but fought just to finish. I have no clue why my body did not want to respond and why I was having so much difficulty.

Possible reasons

  • Weather – its getting colder than what I am used to running, not the coldest I have ran in.
  • Path – I ran from my house instead of the gym, not as familiar with the route and it might be a slight bit more hilly.
  • sleep – all week I have been feeling lethargic an sleepy.  With the elections on Tuesday and my race in the early hours Sunday(report here) my sleep has been irregular this week. I have had a hard time getting regular sleep.  This has effected my schedule as I have slept through morning workouts.
  • Clothing – sounds stupid, but I have a pair of compression shorts I prefer to run in.  They were dirty so I wore the pair that do not seem to work very well.
  • food and time of day – usually I run in the morning an hour after eating oatmeal and a Greek yogurt.  I ran on Wednesday in the evening after eating salmon and a potato.
  • just a bad running day – nothing in particular, it could just be one of those days where things were not clicking.

I really have no clue what happened to my run on Wednesday.   I know I have to get out there and get a long run in today. I also know I have to overcome this lethargy and get my act together. I want to get two solid training weeks before the cruise and recovery.  I feel right now that I have not been progressing and that is because I have been so lethargic.  Still hoping with today’s long run and this weekend’s activity I will be able to pull out the week and finish it strong so I can go into next week on a positive note.  Hopefully today’s run will be better.  On a side note, earlier in the week I asked for people to post photos where they felt like a bad ass, would like to see more.  Also, please consider donating to my Tour De Cure diabetes fund raising.  Click the banner at the bottom of the post and give today.  Next May I will be riding, but right now is the time to raise some money and give back to the fight for diabetes.  Thank you to everyone who has donated early.    Til next time.


  1. Something else to consider – you have just run two 5K races a week a part. You first two races to boot. Your body is new to this kind of stress. My running coach tells me that you should take as many days as miles of a hard race to recover. Not full rest, but easy workout. 3.1 miles = 3 days easy. I think you are feeling race fatigue. Don’t beat yourself up if you want to rest. Your body is trying to tell you something. Walk/jog more than run a few days. Hang in there, you are improving every day!

    1. I was thinking the same thing, forgot to include it. I can honestly say for me races zap energy as my body produces tons of adrenaline. I noticed my heart rate is higher, pace is higher and fatigue at the end is higher. Hopefully things will get back to normal next week. Not pushing too hard, but not rolling over and giving up. Good suggestion.

      1. I agree. I think you need recovery too.

        1. This week ended up being a light week, hopefully that will help for next Weeks goals.

          1. I think it will. I think you should make note of how you feel each day so you can notice patterns to your training and natural revovery cycles. Its interesting how the body works – and will help you adjust the training plans to your individual needs better. Have a great week! Looking forward to some good updates~

      2. Really good idea and Training peaks has spots for that.

  2. Don’t worry about this week. Finish your week strong and don’t look back. Everyone has an off week, or off run. Its part of training. Be sure not to push too hard. You could get burnt out. Try decreasing the amount of time and distance you increase every week. It will make it easier for your body to cope and get back into the swing of things. I’m excited to start back next week, but I know I need to find a plan somewhere to help set goals. Till next time Chatter, KEEP IT UP!

    1. Thanks, this is the first week I have had a problem since I started this 3 weeks hard and 1 week recover. It might be as elisariva points out race fatigue, I have done two 5ks within a week of each other and the last was on a full week of training. Ill keep it up if you get it started! Might have to come up there and do a race next year.

  3. Back off already on posting the Bad A$$ pictures… I simply don’t have one. Ha ha I’ll have to work on that .. maybe a picture with my new dog Buford, since I can’t get a good one because he’s in my lap whenever I sit or next to my leg when I stand.. If someone would take my pic WITH Buford…in a bad A exercise outfit.. yeah, I don’t own anything like that because I won’t wear spandex just yet! I do like my shirt that says “Train Insane or Remain the Same”… and the other one I hope to GET for Christmas…I’ve posted it before.. black with pink writing “I Train Like A GIRL, Try to Keep Up!” So it sounds like we both need to kick it in gear this weekend. Must take time even though I will have company until Tuesday. Lagrange in 4 days! Stay Strong man!

  4. You may have posted this previously on your blog, but I’m impressed with the data you are putting up here. What’s your heart rate monitor and GPS?

    1. You can find a picture and a quick review of it from an earlier post here

  5. I am using the timex global trainer and the heart rate monitor that comes with it.

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