Friday Long Run: Weekend is looking Up

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Got back out there today and ran my end of week long run.  Did 3.5 miles, not a personal best distance, but considering I have been running only 5k distances the last month and my last run outing I will take it.  Today was much better feeling and I found myself running more than walking.  Still challenging, but I managed the pace better and had a good run overall.

I wanted to go a little further, but I had kept my pace moderate and my legs were feeling good till I decided to turn around so I decided to end on a positive note.  One thing I noticed was that I had lasted two miles before my legs started to get sore and I really wanted to walk.  Of course I pushed it a little bit further and did not relent til I knew walking was the only way to keep going.  As I said I ran over 2 miles before having to stop and walk a bit,

One thing I did notice was this course I was running had a greater tendency for long uphills and fast down hills, much more challenging than my usual course from the gym. I chose this route because of the potential distance. It was not till today that I realized that it was more challenging and technical.  Next week I will try and run in the morning from the gym to get an accurate comparison to see if this is truly the case.

The pace continues to get better, the legs stronger.  I worked a bit harder on today’s long run, but it is still a blast getting out there and pushing it.  Four more months to my first triathlon and I am right now at a 45 minute 5k.  I would like to get that down in the next 4 months. I am not sure how far, but I plan to work on it and steadily decrease that number.  Still have a swim tonight and a bike ride with my brother tomorrow, then the family Thanksgiving(done early so my family gets together and then on Turkey day my wife’s family).  The bike ride will be challenging as he has been riding for a long while and he finished his first century a couple of months ago.  Sunday, I am going to try and throw in a double spin class, so lots of fun before the Falcon’s game! Til next time.



  1. Great job on getting back out there on a long run and nice effort. With 4 months to go I’m sure you’ll continue to see dramatic improvements as your training continues.

    1. That is the plan. I hope you will be along for the ride, should be fun.

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