Kick But Moments – In Pictures

My internal clock is still not playing nice with my training schedule, rain and wind and cold has not helped much either.  I have now missed running yesterday and this morning.  I will  probably do it after Pilates tonight.  This weekend I ran a fun event at 1:50 A.M. when the clocks were rolling back, it was a blast and my write up is here. I bring this up as it is election day today and sorta slow for me as not much is going on till tonight.  I was flipping through some of the pictures of Saturday/Sunday and realized that the 5k event was definitely what a fellow blogger at fit for a year dubbed a ‘bad ass ‘ moment.  A moment that you know you are truly hard core, be it rain, sleet or whatever.  I wanted to link to the post where he talks about his ‘Bad ass’ moment, but could not find it.  I thought I would share my bad ass moment captured in picture form, running at 1:50 A.M. to catch the backward change of the clock in my mind is pretty bad ass and I think this picture shows that perfectly. Yes, you cannot see me very well, but I love how bad ass I feel looking at myself in this picture and realize that while others slept, I was running during the time change.

My Bad Ass Moment in picture form. ( Not my actual time)

Tomorrow I will be back to detailing my workouts as I will have a run to write about.  Get out and vote.   Til next time.

What is your bad ass moment captured in picture form?   Do you have one picture where you realized how kick but you truly were, be it running or lifting or anything.  Post a picture on your blog and share a link in the comments section or share a link in the comments section to a picture.   


  1. Ill have to look through my pictures!

    1. I vote for the way you proposed!

    1. That is super awesome. Still thinking of trying one of those. Thanks for sharing!

  2. […] about pictures that make you feel like you owned the moment. Something special. Here is a link to his post. Well mine happened at my second triathlon. I was feeling good and killing my run however towards […]

  3. Great idea and a BAD A picture.. Lol. The time change really messes me up…get tired an hour early, go figure?

    1. I know you have a picture to share, all that hard work. Yeah its wednesday and the time change has thrown allot of my schedule off this week.

  4. I like your question at the end and I really hope people put up some good pics!!!

  5. […]  Hopefully today’s run will be better.  On a side note, earlier in the week I asked for people to post photos where they felt like a bad ass, would like to see more.  Also, please consider donating to my Tour […]

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