Week 26: Base 2 Phase Week 2

Rolling right through the weeks now with 15 weeks left till I do my first triathlon.  This weeks goals are probably more of the same, but I am looking forward to getting back to a bike workout on Saturday and a long run on Friday.  I feel like it has been forever since I had a long run where I had pushed my miles a little bit.  Of course I had not been slack, just decided to run another race after I finished my first race last Saturday.  This weekends race was a total blast, I will have the race report and recap up later today.  Without a race this weekend its back to the routine, time to push things  a little bit and add some more distance to my run and my bike and my swim.  

One thing I need to focus on more in this week is my nutrition and eating habits.  I really need to work on lowering my body weight so I can get faster and go further.  I have lost weight before, and I know how to do it for myself in a manner that works with my training regiment.  I just have to get back to  using all the tools at my disposal and putting my foot down on excess. Its hard to know how I am doing diet wise if I  do not know how many calories I am consuming and burning.  The heavy focus then is getting it all written up and accounted for so I can start to effect my eating habits.  I have just under four months to go for my first triathlon and I would like to get all aspects of the race figured out a little bit better. It takes time, but also a good training plan. I think I have the basis in place, its down to controlling the nutrition.

Weekly Goals

  • Document calories in/out on livestrong – get nutrition in order.
  • Get about 9 hours of training in
  • Long run should be about 4.5 miles
  • Ride 20 miles on bike
  • Swimming 3600 meters swimming with 1200 meters per session.
  • Continue with pilates and strength training.
  • On easy run day work on deliberately slow pace closer to 15 minute mile and hold it.  Do not go faster, run all three miles at the same deliberate pace.

That is it for the week. Allot of things to work towards this week. But as usual, the goals are reasonable and attainable for this week.  I think I really need to focus on a slow running day as I have been letting new found leg strength and endurance push the speed/pace of  my easy runs.  I need to work on running around 15 minute miles so that when I do my next race in 2 weeks I can go out slower and steadier and then have a little extra for the last mile or so. My current 5k timing is  around 45 minutes, so if I can maintain a 15 minute pace until the last mile then I can possibly PR at my next race.  As I mentioned, focusing on nutrition will also be a heavy component of this week.  As mentioned previously, I will have my recent race report up later today.  Til next time.



  1. My trainer told me (and my doctor confirmed) that even at your most active/fit, exercise is only going to be about 15% of your weight loss – 85% (or more) is about nutrition. (This is hard for me, as I don’t mind exercisee, but I looooooooove food.)

    Did I miss an entry, though? How was this weekend’s 5k???

    1. He is so right. I know I should be tracking calories expended and taken in, but I grew lazy. I eat ok, but without tracking it, there us no telling how well I am hitting my target calories. Post on 5k and nutrition to come shortly.

  2. Good to know your first tri is coming, Gina is right about the weight-loss ratio, but the fastest way to lose it is building muscles which will inturn help us burn those fats and make us rock solid.

    Hope your training goes well. I can’t wait to see you at the starting line one day.

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