End of Week 25: Base 2 Phase Week 1

First week after a recovery week is always hard, I guess I grow a little lazy and have to build back up to the previous weeks levels.  Also, 5k races are eating up my distance runs and eliminating bike rides as the only time I usually have free to ride are on Saturdays.  So one week after completing my first 5k I ran another this week, the Anything Possible 5k which occurred Sunday morning at 1:50 A.M. when the clocks got pushed back an  hour. It was a great event and I will have a write up of it Monday afternoon.  Back to this week.

This week was good but not great.  I wanted to get back up to 9 hours of training but a doctors visit and preparing for the weekend race tore through some of the schedule.  Of course I ran my second 5k and I continued to work towards my first triathlon in March.  I also signed up for another 5k in two weeks, I might have an addiction.  I decided to scale the hours back a bit as this is a five week training cycle due to my cruise coming up and I wanted it to be my recovery week. So, I figured if I trained a little lighter this week, then the next three weeks would be tough training regiments, followed by my cruise and recovery.  I have not decided if I am shortening the next phase or reducing one of the build phases later.

Week 25 In Review: Highlights

  • Finished second 5k race – starting at 1:50 A.M. I finished by 1:30 A.M.
  • Got at least 1 strength and 1 pilates and 1 spin session in for the week.
  • Began losing weight again
  • Only got 2 swim sessions in, need to work on this next week
  • Running pace has improved.
  • Missed Saturday bike as I decided to rest up for 5k race in evening/morning

Week 25 By The Numbers

   Last Week Goal Actual
Run (Miles) 6.53   9.38
Swim (Meters) 1400 2700 1800
Bike (Miles) 0 20  0
Strength (Hours) 1 2 1
Pilates 1 1 1
Spin Class 0 1 1
Total Hours 3:43:45 9  5:54:33

Not a bad week when considering I ran my second 5k and I still had a productive week of workouts.  I wanted to get up to 9-10 hours a week again, but preparing for this race and doctors appointments ate through the training time.  Also, I have not pushed my long run distance in a couple of weeks, so a week without a 5k race will prove advantageous in helping me to progress in that regards. have decided on 5k weeks I am replacing my long run with the 5k race. Not sure if I need to add a long run on top of the race so I can improve my distance, but I will have to figure this out.  I  As I said in the intro, Monday morning I will post my goals for next week and Monday afternoon I will post a race report and result summary from Saturday/Sunday race.  Til next time. 




  1. Good for you with the running and actually looking forward to a 5k. i did my research and boy do I have bad timing. It was yesterday in Cincinnati. SO I will come up with something else and report back.

  2. I love what you do here in setting goals and then recapping weekly. I might try this when my training starts again. Do you make the table in excel and then export it in or is there a table feature on WordPress?

    1. The goal setting and review is something I did personally, but I saw Shiela (ichoosetolivestronger) and carrie (FrozenGrapes) do it and tossed my hat in. It helps. The table, I honestly do not remember. This one was copied over from a previous post. It is probably a word table that I copied over as there is a word import button that allows stuff from word to be imported.

      1. Ah, Ive used that before. I find its easier to type in Word and import. Ill try that! Thanks!

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