PreRace Friday and Post 100!!!!

Hard to believe but I hit post 100!!!  I owe allot of my success to this blog and the support and encouragement of the fitness blogging community (Shiela of I choose to live stronger,  tanail88, trikatykid,ultraswimfast, iowatribob to name a few).  It has been wonderful exchanging success, setbacks, training tips and inspiration with everyone who reads this blog and all the blogs I read and participate in.  I named a very few, but so many other bloggers have inspired me and given me inspiration and guidance on this journey I am currently on, sorry if I did not list you in that quick list, as everyone that has commented and lent help, support and suggestions should all be thanked, but there has been a growing and increasing number of readers that fit into this list. So thank you everyone who reads this blog, offers support and has helped with my current success, I thank you.

100 Yards excluding end zones is the length of an American Football Field.

Now that the gushing is over time to focus on Friday and the next 5k race.  Yesterday I finished my run and my lungs immediately felt on fire and I began a heavy coughing fit.  As well, I felt exhausted all morning, unusually so.  I think I have been fighting something off, as this felt so totally different than the edge of over training.  Even though I had these issues I decided to do my spin class last night anyways as it would be a last chance to work my legs till the race for the week.  Spin class was good, but way too many standing and hill climbing work.  My calves, and all surrounding muscles were very tight and sore this morning.  I am going to have to do allot of stretching leading up to tomorrows race. Otherwise my legs feel tired but good. I hate mixing running and spinning in the same day, but Wednesday’s ‘Mental Health Morning’ messed up my schedule and I still wanted to get a speed run workout in before this weekend.  Fortunately my legs feel sore but not terrible, hot tub and sauna must have really helped yesterday evening.  

100 Miles makes up a biking ‘Century’ event’s distance.

Besides leg soreness, calorie deficit is a pain when mixing those.  According to my watch, using heart rate and current weight, it predicted my speed run burned roughly 1000 calories.  It also calculated my spin class burnt off and excess of 1100 calories. That is a 2100 extra calorie deficit.  I try to inflict only a 500 to 1000 calorie deficit as supposedly getting lower will make your body’s metabolism slow down.  So I have to strategically plan my eating different to take in more calories in relation to workouts.  The other trick is eating enough at the appropriate time before the workouts and after the workouts.  If I do running and swimming I figure the deficit is closer to 1500 or less.  Allot easier to make up and less stress on the same muscles.  

I was supposed to swim this morning  but I opted for extra rest in light of my 5k tomorrow evening.  I will swim on Sunday and be fine as the Falcon’s game is not til later in the evening.  Planning the logistics of this 5k is proving a little challenging as the time of the event makes it a little bit more difficult figuring out sleep before hand.  It is at 1:50 A.M.  Usually when a race is at some time like eight in the morning, I go to sleep at ten the night before and get up at 5 or 6 and eat oatmeal and greek yogurt.  But at 1:50 AM it is a little different. So I have planned to get up early tomorrow morning and then after dinner tomorrow around seven at night I would take a nap till eleven, get up eat greek yogurt and oatmeal and get loose and woken up.  Hopefully if all goes well that will help to prepare me for the race.

Fermium is element 100 on the periodic table and is a byproduct of nuclear fallout. Discovered by and named after Enrico Fermi.

Once again thank you to everyone who has endured through 100 posts of me figuring this training thing out and thank you for all the support along the way.  The journey is not complete yet, just getting started.  Here is to another 100 posts and shortly my first triathlon.  Til next time. 


  1. WOWSERS ! 100 posts! Congratulations Chatter! You are doing SO incredible getting to your goals. You guys in this blog would are amazing support. I’m getting close to my 100’th post too.. where has the time gone? Good luck tomorrow! Kick butt !

    1. I can truly say you have been there all along and have really helped to make this possible. This blog has been a prime source of motivation and the entire huge list of blogs I read have been amazing motivations to get to this point. I love this community and I love sharing stories, successes and even those hard times when we need someone remote to help get us through a difficult time. Thanks for being there. Here is to 4 more months till the next giant milestone.

      1. Giving back with support and encouragement is SO rewarding and even fun. I plan to be here a long time because once I meet goal…I want to STAY healthy and strong for the long haul. Never go Back ! Goals will be met and we will always choose to LIVE strong.

  2. Thank you! I am very inspired by what you’re doing and enjoy reading your blogs. It goes both ways and you’ve got a lot of people who are cheering for your successes and enjoying being a part of your journey. Have a wonderful day, Chatter~

    1. Thank you very much! I hope my story is as entertaining and inspiring as I often feel.

      1. I think it is fantastic! Keep the posts coming!

  3. I like reading your post’s too. I especially appreciate your humility and willingness to be “where you are” in your fitness!

    1. Its all about accountability. Thank you, I also enjoy sharing my experiences. Glad you enjoy it.

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