Thursday Speed Run

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Usually this would be Wednesday, but yesterday morning I took a mental holiday and did not get it completed.  So, I did my weight lifting last night and ran this morning.  This was just a quick speed session where I started with variable interval fartleks.  I did not push the mileage too much and just focused on my speed work and my form while doing speed work.

I noticed that as soon as I was done my lungs were burning. I figure this was from the cold, as they did not hurt during exercise.  Also, I have been feeling super drained lately, which did not help this work out.  It was still good overall and a little bit challenging, just had to fight to get through it.  I do not know what is up with the reduction in energy lately. I reduced my hours drastically last week to recover, so I should be good this week.  I might need to try and get more sleep or it might just be the cold.  I am clueless.  After finishing my run workout I felt exhausted and actually delayed working for an hour while I took a nap.  I feel like I have a little bit better energy now, but not by much.  Good thing I only have a spin class tonight and a swim tomorrow then almost 24 hours till my next 5k.  Hopefully that will leave me feeling less drained than I do right now. Til next time.



  1. sounds like you might be coming down with a cold. a simple rule I keep in mind; below the neck I take on full rest periods if it is a head cold or sinus inflection I workout but in lower HR zones so I am not gasping for air and I try to avoid swimming if possible. Live to fight another day and don’t drive the cold deeper and face being sick over a longer period of time. just my 2 cents.

  2. I agree, rest if it is a chest cold. Sleep and take it easy if it is a head cold.

    1. I think a chest cold might be a good guess.

  3. Pump yourself up on vitamin C and a dosed amount of Zinc. REST but if no fever then I would push through it. Your off day may have confused your body and now it is wanting another one. Hope today is much better. Good luck tomorrow !!

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