OOPS I Have Another Race On Saturday: Monday Easy Run

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When I figured out my schedule I had two races I wanted to participate in: The Monster Dash (Write Up Here) and the Anything Is Possible 5k.  I figured looking at my calendar that I had two weeks between the races.  Turns out it was a trick of the eyes and that my second 5k will be this Saturday.  I plan to replace my long run with the 5k. The cool thing is, as I have mentioned previously, the run occurs at 1:50 A.M.  on Saturday night/Sunday Morning.  This is the date the clock get pushed back an hour, so you are guaranteed to finish the race before you started (providing you run a sub 50 minute 5k).  Gimmicky, I know, but I love the idea of the race and they are giving away pajama pants instead of tech shirts.  Well, I also have a triathlon to continue training for so Sunday was all the time off I was giving myself.  Which worked well even though I was super sore from my first race on Saturday. I guess running a much faster than normal pace and getting pumped with tons of adrenaline will do that!  So, back to running Monday morning.

As my legs were feeling a little sore and tight from Saturdays race, I figured and easy run day was definitely in order. Unfortunately my legs did not agree with me, they did not want to return to the 15 minute mile pace I was comfortable with before my event on Saturday.  Right off the bat my pace settled into the 14 minute mile pace range.  I ran a different course, but that still did not account for the increase in pace.  I think my strength and endurance is increasing an my body want to utilize the increase in strength.  I don’t know.  I did manage to slow a bit from my race pace and hit a consistent 14 or so pace through out with out dipping too far below 14 minute miles.  The last mile, I hit a couple of times where I had to stop running and take 10-20 second walk breaks.  But I got back to running as soon as possible, as I knew that was a great time to push the muscles’ endurance a little bit.  

Overall it was a good run and the pace needs some work but still felt fairly comfortable.  I need to work on pacing a little bit, but everyday I am getting stronger and becoming a better runner, just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going forward.  Hard to believe that this weekend I finished my first 5k and will be completing my second in less than a week, and I got back to running two days later… guess I am becoming a bit of a runner.  A refrigerator sized runner, but a runner none the less(my wife caught the tail end of my run on Saturday on video, ouch, everyone else looks so tiny and small and here is this guy(me) with some noticeable belly fat and giant shoulders towering over the runners surrounding him looking like a giant moving refrigerator).  Oh well, it is what it is,I am losing inches and making progress. Already I am in t he best shape of my life!  Tomorrow is speed work  and is always a fun workout, tonight is Pilates an weight training.  Til next time.


  1. I love this idea of finishing before you start! Good luck.

  2. I think you will find that as you start increasing speed it gets harder and harder to run slow. I find that running slow is more exhausting that going out there and running my usual pace. That race definitely sounds interesting. Good luck on your training this week. Cant wait until I start mine in two weeks.

    1. Thanks. Should be interesting to see how running on semi-tired legs feels as I have a normal training schedule this week. Looking forward to it though.

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