Base 2 Phase Goals

In previous posts I have explained the basics of the periodization training method for readers unfamiliar with it.  But, basically it is a divided training plan aimed at getting an athlete to their peak by race day and a theory on training practices.  My current training is aimed at preparing me for a sprint triathlon in March.  For me the last 4 weeks have been my Base 1 phase, consisting of three hard weeks of steadily increased training time and intensity.  During these workouts the stress and focus centered on building endurance and a little bit on speed in the way of correcting and improving form.  In some ways, the Base 2 phase continues the work done in the previous Base 1 phase but increases the duration and endurance aspect further.  As the name implies the goal of the base phases is to build the base or structure all other training components have to be built on.

In the Base 2 phase Muscle Endurance and Force training exercises can be added to the training.  But, I believe I still need to focus more on building my endurance and form.  I realize that part of training is not just following a plan, but realizing what needs to be altered to need specific goals of an individual.  I know at this point my endurance is improving.  But, instead of adding some work to increase power and muscular endurance, I need to stick to building base endurance.  So for this phase I am going to continue to run farther, bike longer and swim longer distances as my primary focus.  Each week should get a little longer than the previous week as I add more mileage or additional time to my training.

Base 2 Phase Goals

  • Bike:  My primary goal here is to increase my distance to 20 miles of riding.  With the sun going down sooner my rides will be limited to the weekends with spin workouts earlier in the week.  If I finish this phase with a trip of 20 miles or so, I will count that as a success.
  • Swim: The focus here is on form and continuing to build endurance.  I plan to add sets to swim longer on consecutive weeks, building up to swimming a mile by the next phase.
  • Run: I plan on adding a quarter more distance to my long runs each week and I plan to continue doing speed work once a week.  I would like to be up to 4.5 miles by the end of this phase and have my pace consistently around 14 minutes per mile.  
  • Other: I plan on continuing with Pilates and using my roller more consistently to further supporting all the other activities.    Also, I want to continue to get two weight training sessions in each week.
  • I really want to focus on nutrition in this period and get this down solid.  I feel like I have a good grasp of what needs to be done, but I do not pay enough attention to what I eat and right it down often.

The goals are pretty simple, continue building volume progressively each week and working to increase overall endurance.  This phase will last a total of four regular weeks followed by a week of recovery.  I am doing this to adjust for the timing of my cruise at the end of next month and that way I will have a recovery week during the cruise and I can excuse some running and snorkeling as my workouts for the week.  I think this is a pretty simple plan and should have me stronger with better endurance for March.  Til next time. 



  1. What kind of swim sets will you be adding? Is it up to you or in the plan?

  2. Everything is up to me, that is what I like about the Friel Bible, he gives you the tools to make decisions of what you need to add. Right now I am progressively adding bigger sets and doing form drills. On endurance days I have been doing a set of 200 meters, followed by 4×100,4×50,4×25. Next week I will try a set of 400 followed by 200 followed by 4×100,4×50. I am trying to build up my upper body swim endurance as it is pretty week, so I was working toward gradual progression.

    1. Awesome – sounds like you have a good handle on things. Let me know if I can help with anything. You’re doing great!!!

      1. I have had to experiment allot with figuring out how to deal with the arm tiredness I feel when swimming distances as short as 200 meters. So far this is working, its just taken allot of trial and error figuring out what I can do to get better and improve endurance. Your blog and guidance has been useful so far and I greatly appreciate it. That is the great thing about this blogging experience, getting and giving help and support.

  3. Especially for not having a trainer, I think you are doing incredible with your workouts, plans and goals. I love my trainer, but I have to know that I CAN do this alone.

    1. In some ways it is truly a matter of not having money to afford a trainer right now. In other ways it is me figuring stuff out. I will probably come to a point where I might need to get a trainer to get to the next level, but first I have to finish the level I am currently working on. You will be able to take what your trainer has taught you and be able to apply it,, that is what matters.

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