Week 25 Goals: Start of Base 2 Phase

With this weekend out of the way and last weeks recovery week completed time to get back to work.  As last week was recovery week and I was pretty exhausted from all the excitement this weekend I dd not do a summation of last week.  It really was not necessary as  the  week was really focused on my first 5k run and its conclusion.  Now the focus is on my first triathlon.  I have other 5k runs coming up, but they are extended training and events that are not as important as my first one.  I will have a write up of my 5k race this weekend out later today.  Also, as this is the start of the next phase of periodization, the base 2 phase, I will put up phase goals for the next 4-5 weeks tomorrow morning.  But for now, lets get down to setting this weeks goals so I can get to work while I getting my blog posting caught up.

This week is basically aimed at pretty much mimicking what I did the week before I started my recovery week. 


  • Total Training Time:9 hours.  About the same as the week before recovery
  • 2700 Meters of swimming – 900 per session
  • 20 Miles by bike
  • Continue with pilates and spin class
  • Do well in my second 5k Saturday/Sunday evening

Pretty much I just want to hit the same level and intensity as I did the week before recovery so I can build off that next week and the weeks till the next recovery period.  Last phase was pretty good with good improvement seen across the board, I just want to continue to push the improvement and increase my endurance.  At the end of the week I will be replacing my long run with a 5k race that occurs at 1:50 A:M on Nov 4th. Just finish my first race and getting ready for my second!   Later I will post a race report.  Just happy to get my goals for this week figured.  Somehow I did not realize my next race is this Saturday/Sunday!  Til next time.



  1. Wow! another race this Saturday! Exciting times. We’re getting there! Stay strong and good luck.

    1. I thought it was two weeks away, but somehow it snuck up on me!!!

      1. hilarious ! good thing you figured it out ! ? lol

  2. Go get that race! You’ll do great. I just found your blog and am looking forward to hearing about your progress!

    1. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy following along. I think the process of unfit to becoming fit and goal achievement has been fascinating so far, I have even amazed myself.

  3. Tease! I wanted to see how your 5k went! I’m looking forward to your recap later. 🙂

    And, wait… 1:50am start time??? What?

    1. It is up now. It is pretty long, so took a little time to get together. Plus, I had to run and swim and work today so a couple of other things got in the way. Yes 1:50 in the AM start time. It is planned on the night the clock goes back at 2 A.M. So you finish before you start, garnering a negative time.

  4. […] I promised earlier, here is my first ever race report.  From what I understand this race has been ran in previous […]

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